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#FF — Pink Peace

Ladies Of The Universal Sacrament's (LOTUS) operations convene in their new headquarters on Tuesday. The mobile complex includes She-House, habi-condos, and a silver jade fountain that flows with artesian spring water. LOTUS assesses, monitors, and enforces The Sacrament – peace in the galaxy. Like its predecessor, the Bat Light, the Telepathic Neon Lotus (aka Pink… Continue reading #FF — Pink Peace

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dVerse — The Frog King

  Chaos disintegration confusion conflicting destroying competing nightmarish degrading holistic organic calming enveloping healing inclusive visionary Peace Mish is today's host of dVerse.  Mish says: Do you ever wish you could just wave a magic wand, eliminate everything that creates havoc, unrest, uncertainty, injustice? I do.  Today I am asking you to do the same.… Continue reading dVerse — The Frog King

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The Right To Peace and Plenty

Today (tomorrow right now), 9/28, is International Peace Day.  I've linked to a beautiful song, composed by a fellow blogger and other peace-seekers.  This song could become the Anthem for Peace, a mantra to run through your mind when darkness tries to prevail.  Gather your light and join it with other light seekers and see… Continue reading The Right To Peace and Plenty