#FF — Pink Peace

Ladies Of The Universal Sacrament’s (LOTUS) operations convene in their new headquarters on Tuesday. The mobile complex includes She-House, habi-condos, and a silver jade fountain that flows with artesian spring water. LOTUS assesses, monitors, and enforces The Sacrament – peace in the galaxy. Like its predecessor, the Bat Light, the Telepathic Neon Lotus (aka Pink…

dVerse — The Frog King

  Chaos disintegration confusion conflicting destroying competing nightmarish degrading holistic organic calming enveloping healing inclusive visionary Peace Mish is today’s host of dVerse.  Mish says: Do you ever wish you could just wave a magic wand, eliminate everything that creates havoc, unrest, uncertainty, injustice? I do.  Today I am asking you to do the same….


Fandango’s FOWC is noble and the Word of the Day Challenge is magnify.  I just made my first ever meme.  I hope you like it.          

The Right To Peace and Plenty

Today (tomorrow right now), 9/28, is International Peace Day.  I’ve linked to a beautiful song, composed by a fellow blogger and other peace-seekers.  This song could become the Anthem for Peace, a mantra to run through your mind when darkness tries to prevail.  Gather your light and join it with other light seekers and see…