#MM Saturday Mix — Ride ’em, Cowgirl

As the horse had a limp to his gait Made me fall as I reached for the gate As the horse from you leased Pay med bills at the least Or to court for small claims; test your fate.   I went with a limerick, which has, per shadowpoetry.com, a set rhyme scheme of :…

#MM Saturday Mix – Double Take — karmic comedy

On the hill lived a maiden so fair To her father her suitors paid fare Highest bidder most foul Fowl that crowed and then howled Grandpa’s grandkids had feathers not hair! Sarah is the host of Mindlovemisery Menagerie’s Saturday Mix.  Sarah says: This week we are seeing double with ‘Double Take’.  The ‘Double Take’ challenge…


image link   So I swear on the notes of Pan’s flute Cross my heart I remain resolute Broken heart, checkmated With my love unrequited Lost my taste for sweet juice of love’s fruit.   Fandango’s FOWC is resolute and the Word of the Day Challenge is unrequited. Today’s offering is a limerick.

Valentines Day Limericks

image link Fandango’s FOWC is durable and the Word of the Day Challenge is smitten. These two Valentine’s Day limericks are dedicated to Fandango, curmudgeon of the day. On Valentine’s Day she was smitten When her beau did woo with a kitten Lips extend for kissing Kitty clawed and hissing Maybe card and a ring…

Life is just a bowl full of cherries

image link   Today’s Word of the Day challenge is doleful.  Having a little fun today with a limerick!   expecting a bowlful of berries sigh, doleful – they only had cherries inconvenient the pits even more so the sh*ts with a book on the throne he tarries

Poetry — Peaky Blinders

image link Today’s form is a limerick Peaky Blinders A man with a roving eye’s sneaky so’s not to get caught doing peeky if his wife catches him for him it’ll be grim and he’ll sleep on the couch for a weeky.   Word of the Day Challenge — roving