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Poetry — Manifestation Final Chapter

Today is the final chapter of the story, Manifestation.  I decided to create a collage to illustrate the concept of the last chapter.  Looking through the landscape images first, then to the fitting image of the goddess, I pulled out possible candidates.  A fellow blogger, hanspostcard , had posted something about Gordon Lightfoot, so I… Continue reading Poetry — Manifestation Final Chapter

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Poetry Day 31 — One

Today's prompt, the final one for OctWriPoMo2018, is Endless. The form I chose is cinquain. It's been very satisfying writing a poem a day for this challenge. The picture with today's poem is one I drew based upon a dream I had not long ago. One Endless life death cycle arising, setting sun, joy and… Continue reading Poetry Day 31 — One

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Poetry — Dunes

image link Dunes Wander through woodlands along sandy trails hearing lake's whooshing up dunes and down vales a shimmering guide orange-pink rivulet reaching the crest to see the sun set   Click the link to see a nice youtube video with the whooshing sound of Lake MI: Lake Michigan, water against the shore Word of… Continue reading Poetry — Dunes

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Poetry Day 30 –it’s time to dance!

gif link Today's writing prompt for OctWriPo is:  "It's time to celebrate a job well done, a love won, the turning of the sun. Write about that exuberant feeling you get whenever you are happy, that feeling that makes you feel like dancing whether it's on the earth or the moon!"  The suggested form today… Continue reading Poetry Day 30 –it’s time to dance!

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Please Stop Scattering The Ashes Of Your Loved Ones At Disneyland — UPROXX

I just read this and HAD to reblog it.  I believe this is the surest sign that our nation is swirling down into the depths of soullessness that has been seen so far.  I'm 100% serious.  The place a person wants their ashes spread for the rest of eternity is Disneyland???????????  That would be like… Continue reading Please Stop Scattering The Ashes Of Your Loved Ones At Disneyland — UPROXX

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Manifestation Part 3

part 1 part 2 Frozen in distress, no need to repress scream at the sight, Goat Man talk? Fright! “Co-o-o-o-ome Be-e-e-e O-u-u-u-r-r Gu-e-e-s-sss-t” Pulled again without will, my curdled blood chilled As I noticed a red hand stick out of his chest “The party is waiting, their hunger frustrating. You're the main course, I think… Continue reading Manifestation Part 3

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Poetry Day 29 — Dao & The 10,000 Things

image link Today's prompt is, "By the Number".  I like numbers and after working in the accounting field for awhile learned that they do speak their own language.  I thought about trying to do something on my lucky number 17 or something about hexagrams from the I Ching, but the number most important to me… Continue reading Poetry Day 29 — Dao & The 10,000 Things

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Poetry — Nuked

image link Today's offering is in the form of a Minute Poem   Trapped twixt free and automaton Angst leaves me wan Some from other None from druther . Pacing the gears of clockwork orange Feel abhorrence Senses shiver Lenses quiver . Wings bound neatly upon my back From will I lack Inertia's doom Extinction's… Continue reading Poetry — Nuked

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Poetry Day 28 — Splitting Herrs

image link Today's prompt is "Split in Two", with... a dilemma. A split path. A difficult choice. Maybe even a chasm or schism... the notion of 'splitting hairs'...  The suggested form is the "Anglo-Saxon Riddle".  In a way today's offering covers those bases but not exactly.  It is indeed *about* an Anglo-Saxon riddle and it… Continue reading Poetry Day 28 — Splitting Herrs

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Poetry — Manifestation Part 2

gif link Manifestation Part 1   It smiled just then, said, “follow me” Nerves jumping, heart pumping, “there's someone I want you to meet” fear said no way will I go, although I had lost control of my feet. To the churchyard I followed, then swallowed When I heard a blood-curdling groaning bleat “Ple-e-e-e-a-s-ed toooooooo… Continue reading Poetry — Manifestation Part 2