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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #118 — One way?

Mainstream arrows all point the same Consume, borrow, compete, obey When thoughts ping pong another way With pills, snorts, sips – “if” fades away It's chancy if you choose to play Mind wanders, careful what you say Land of the free – til you resist Drowning waves come, you get my gist? Get your message… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #118 — One way?

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The Wanderer and dVerse OLN

The Wanderer Springtime season's when the growing Sunshine comes and the soil, it warms Plants and critters pulse with knowing Feed store sells pheasant chicks when born Orphaned, boxed, sold by the dozen Instead of nuts, seeds, berries, corn Protein mash, their distant cousin Lost to nature, tamed and forlorn Ignoring nature's ways and means… Continue reading The Wanderer and dVerse OLN

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dVerse — imitation practice — Grace Transformed

One of my favorite poems even before I began to write poetry is Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, “A Psalm of Life.” It's one I've turned to many times when I've needed a jolt of encouragement, and it has worked every time. Aside from the positive, life-affirming message, the idea that somewhere along the way I… Continue reading dVerse — imitation practice — Grace Transformed

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dVerse — metaphor — A Tale of Two Chickens

A Tale of Two Chickens A small hut set high at the foot of Tien Sheltered Lu, his wife, Li, and their infant, Shenyen They fished, they grew rice, ate eggs from their hens. Days of labor met nights with sweet song winter wren Chickens' ways varied if in or out of their pen. When… Continue reading dVerse — metaphor — A Tale of Two Chickens

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dVerse — quadrille #84 — quatrain — Freckle Deep

freckle deep so swirled the spell blood hues imbued canvas infused a treasure tell languid cloak fold upon fold texture behold master stroke hourglasses tell soulblasted veneer etched forgery – tear, one by one, fell senses asleep heart overwrought account overdrawn on love a freckle deep   Mish is the host of dVerse today.  Mish… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille #84 — quatrain — Freckle Deep

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dVerse — quatrain — Terminal Wasteland?

"Glimmer of Hope," by Matt Talbert Terminal Wasteland? Each of us convinced of our unlovability Each of us inverse possessed of sensibility Blind to darker templates of old brands from long ago On a boat that had no sails, no oars, and's full of holes Worked with sightless striving to prove right our deepest fears… Continue reading dVerse — quatrain — Terminal Wasteland?

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dVerse — Laurie Lee poet passage alchemy — Animal Kingdom Commodity

image link Laura is the host of dVerse today. Laura says: The Challenge therefore is to CHOOSE ONE of the extracts of [Laurie Lee's] prose ... and with your own alchemy, turn it into poetry. I chose to follow your tips, Laura, and used unexpected adjectives in a quatrain form with 9-syllable lines (one has… Continue reading dVerse — Laurie Lee poet passage alchemy — Animal Kingdom Commodity

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dVerse — quatrain — Dark Angel

Cixi, taken by Yu Xunling ca. 1890 At age of five became I blind Bad nerves to blame that made me scream Cursed I our God for act unkind Yet all, my friend, 'twas not as seemed The act upon heaped thoughts unkind Turned out to have a brighter theme Through haunts did stray the… Continue reading dVerse — quatrain — Dark Angel