Tangerine from Encomium for Led Zep

I bought Encomium* when it was released, in 1995.  The cover kind of freaked me out, as there is a sinister aspect to it.  Maybe the marketers wanted something to catch the shoppers' eye on the shelf?  For diehard fans of Led Zep, no such parlor trick is needed. Over the years, Encomium has been… Continue reading Tangerine from Encomium for Led Zep

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image link An orange billboard, festooned with strands of yellow straw, designed to swivel on a point greased with rancid lard. Gaslighter * He tweets it out at night The mean and callous type Something's new, always different from before. Judging and spinning Ooh, maga's cheer and lefties running for the door He flips the… Continue reading Gaslighter

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Radiohead on 8 bit and other bits

image link Not long ago, younger son asked me if I had heard any of Radiohead's music on 8 bit.  First I had to ask him what 8 bit was.  He said it is the electronic generated music that is often heard in videogames.  I told him no, but then I went out to youtube… Continue reading Radiohead on 8 bit and other bits

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One Way Out – – The Allman Brothers

image link Eat a Peach is another one of those 25c at a yard sale CDs that I didn't have a lot of investment going into it when I listened.  I bought it because I recognized the song title from a CD compilation of various hits of the 70's I used to listen to at… Continue reading One Way Out – – The Allman Brothers


Renaissance — A Trip to the Fair

image link I had to take a work day trip to near Detroit yesterday.  While driving I passed through/near two big college towns, Lansing (Michigan State U) and Ann Arbor (U of Michigan), which means college radio stations.  Yes!  Somewhere along the way yesterday, while channel surfing, I heard familiar piano chords.  Despite it being… Continue reading Renaissance — A Trip to the Fair

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River Run Red — Midnight Oil

One of the best riffs of any song I've heard. From 1999's Midnight Oil's, Blue Sky Mining.  One thing I love about this band is their acute caring for Mother Gaia.  The whole CD is a work of beauty and caring for precious things. the daily prompt -- riff

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The Daily Prompt — Black — Soil and PJ

image link The first thing that comes to mind with the word Black is Eddie Vedder mournfully wailing about his lost love.  More about that later. The next thing is soil.  Connected to yesterday’s prompt, neophyte, before I knew anything about gardening, my belief was that the blacker the soil was the better it was… Continue reading The Daily Prompt — Black — Soil and PJ


Musician of the Day — Steve Earle

image link I first "met" Steve when I bought one of his CDs at a yard sale for 25c.  I'd never heard of him before but his name as well as the title had a twanginess to them that had me hoping it would be old school country.  The investment was a quarter.  The CD… Continue reading Musician of the Day — Steve Earle

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Day 31 — OctWriPoMo — Pearl Jam

image link Today is the final day of the 31 days 31 poems challenge of OctWriPoMo.  My choice of form is the acrostic, and the subject is one of my favorite musical groups, Pearl Jam.  The words used are all PJ song titles. Present tense, push me, pull me Even flow, Amongst the waves, animal,… Continue reading Day 31 — OctWriPoMo — Pearl Jam

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1952 Vincent Black Lightning

image linkimage link Years ago a friend of mine gave me a mix tape with this song on it.  It tells a burning love story that has no end.  The kind of love that usually crashes and burns. One day in 2006 I met my "young James".  'Tis true, my heart did thump at remembering… Continue reading 1952 Vincent Black Lightning