Kerfe’s RWG 9 — Music of the Night

Far-flung, afield, dusk travel’s magnet draws moonglow painted shadow space. I pause to note rough sounds cease asnight’s homely adjustment commences.Soft rustles, steps, flutterings stitch air,litter low, just over there, now whispers here.Sense a thousand ears tuning their stationsfrom light’s brash cymbal-clapped squawksto Hammond B of night’s sweet clarinets. top image by Dokkar Kerfe is…

Jethro Tull A2Z 2021 Spotify Playlist

image link Remember A2Z 2021 when I covered Jethro Tull songs?  Last night I made a Spotify playlist of them.  There are a few bonus songs at the end.

#FF — Smoke on the Water

PHOTO PROMPT © Brenda Cox Bird and Don enjoyed sailing on the Hill’s fifty-footer, but they were tired of being guests. The salesperson assured them no knowledge was needed for pontoon boats; just fill the tank, hop on, and go. They christened her Maryjane and invited a dozen guests for Memorial Day on the water….

dVerse — Poetics — Songs of My Parents

“The Art of Music,” by Adam Santana I am my father’s daughter as I walk through tall grass that whispers melodies in every season. River songs pause in winter to catch breath for spring’s gurgles. I see him there, sun in his eyes, his white t-shirt and faded overalls. I am my mother’s daughter, polar…

dVerse — Quadrille 174 — Count Me Out

image link In rhythm with vinyl platter spinning33 1/3 revolutions per minute, tappingfeet to Fab4’s beat — until we, the cats and I, jump to rat-a-tat. Neighbor’s AK practice, aimed not at imagined upper crud, but brothers —are things going to be alright? The title and last line are part of the lyrics from The…