POPO2022 Day 25 — couple walking towards mountains and space

all life passes here over snow-capped mountains’ toil with soul mate Garmins all life passes here on its way beyond the veil coming and going o’er snow-capped mountains gold anchor threads slip away we grow – or shed – wings with soul mate Garmins our bonds become beacons spirit bread crumbs

POPO2022 day 24 — woman looking up at moon

when I was a girl you walked me home at night you listened to me when I was a girl my street held scant menace danger was at home you walked me at night knew why my footsteps slowed saw that he was there you listened to me convinced me to turn around to tell…

POPO2022 day 22 — various mushrooms

dirty bottom fruit from unsweet decomposings no jellies from these dirty bottom fruit necrotic kingdom’s bounty domed, brainy berets unsweet, decomposed, yet surprisingly tender when sliced and sauteed no jellies from these tomato sauces instead odd fruit companions

POPO2022 day 21 — la gitana safety matches

Coney Island days when the seeing eye promised forever summer Coney Island days barkers, music; languid nights cool sands, lapping waves when the eye promised doubt’s voice drowned in salty breeze and children’s laughter forever summer I remember our love then and am young again

POPO2022 day 20 — swans and gold-haired woman

one fell night a swan princess dreams herself human gold plaits in soft garb one fell night a swan flies herself high, perches in tall tower window dreams herself human waits for her sweet prince’ kiss; his lips soft as velvet gold plaits in soft garb feathers plucked in bare envy imprisons herself

POPO2022 day 19 — b&w earth held with threads

beach ball suspended with homeostatic silk tranquility’s sea beach ball suspended our bounce held in abeyance grace for unworthy homeostasis see-sawing engine of divine running out of gas tranquility’s sea mirage to ease tomorrow’s event horizon

POPO2022 day 18 — butterfly bouquet

butterfly bouquetquadruple rainbows gatheralong floral stems butterfly bouquetunusual convergencebermudan puzzle quad rainbows gathercharisma’s kaleidoscopebobbing with the wind along floral stemssipping straws unfurledsweet garden party