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Poetry — Manifestation Final Chapter

Today is the final chapter of the story, Manifestation.  I decided to create a collage to illustrate the concept of the last chapter.  Looking through the landscape images first, then to the fitting image of the goddess, I pulled out possible candidates.  A fellow blogger, hanspostcard , had posted something about Gordon Lightfoot, so I… Continue reading Poetry — Manifestation Final Chapter

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Manifestation Part 3

part 1 part 2 Frozen in distress, no need to repress scream at the sight, Goat Man talk? Fright! “Co-o-o-o-ome Be-e-e-e O-u-u-u-r-r Gu-e-e-s-sss-t” Pulled again without will, my curdled blood chilled As I noticed a red hand stick out of his chest “The party is waiting, their hunger frustrating. You're the main course, I think… Continue reading Manifestation Part 3

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Poetry –manifestation

https://gph.is/2udQdvv     gif link A thumping, a glumping, a bumping is heard I turn and there's nothing, I swear. It's darkening, fear's hearkening. Then suddenly, a dank chill fills the air. Shawl pulled closer, mood grows moroser, Sparks prickle the ends of my hair. Mood's getting intense, I light the incense. Oh dear, what's… Continue reading Poetry –manifestation