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dVerse — majestic — Acipenser fulvescens (Lake Sturgeon)

image link Lake sturgeon are a long‐lived species. They are the only sturgeon species endemic to the Great Lakes Basin and are the largest freshwater fish indigenous to this system. Lake sturgeon spawn in their natal rivers and prefer rocky areas in freshwater tributaries, usually along the outside bend of rivers as suitable spawning habitat.… Continue reading dVerse — majestic — Acipenser fulvescens (Lake Sturgeon)

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A day in the life — of a lake sturgeon

image link   I had to look up burgeon in the dictionary today.  The first word that came to mind was sturgeon.  Yes, my mind is a twisty biscuit.  Sturgeons are, or should be, an endangered species, but for some reason they can still be fished, in limited places for limited times.  I would encourage… Continue reading A day in the life — of a lake sturgeon