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Thursday Inspiration 69 — Free as…

Free as a weed in a sidewalk crack. Free as a puppy on the run. Free as dandelion puffs in the breeze. Free as a drop of water in the lake. Free as afternoon lazy bees. Free as a kitten curled in the sun. Free as a turtle on floating log. Free as the scent… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 69 — Free as…

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Thursday Inspiration 68 — “Motherless Children,” by Eric Clapton

Since music has been on my mind a lot, when I saw the prompt I thought of music involving mothers. First thought was Roger Waters', “Mother,” but that's a little too dark for this bright and beautiful day. Instead I'm going for a song about motherless children. Much brighter, right? “Motherless Children” is found on… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 68 — “Motherless Children,” by Eric Clapton

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Thursday Inspiration 67 — Grandmother’s Gift

From the time she was a toddler following her grandmother down the rows of raised beds of strawberries she knew she wanted to grow things like her. Her chubby hands reached for the bright red berries, and she giggled as the red juice ran down her face and sundress. She looked up and saw grandmother's… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 67 — Grandmother’s Gift

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Thursday Inspiration 66 — Leaves of Joy

When I watched the Ginger Baker documentary, "Beware Mr. Baker," I learned that after Cream disbanded, Eric Clapton and Ginger went to join Steve Winwood and Rick Grech to form the group Blind Faith. Blind Faith's self-titled album was their only one, released in 1969. As I looked outside today, the sun was shining through… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 66 — Leaves of Joy

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Thursday Inspiration 65 — Bugs & Trix

She was sitting at the Carrot Juice Bar, a pretty little thing with a silky brown coat and the softest ears he'd ever seen.  The way her nose twitched was just right, and her sultry eyes were like milk chocolate, liquid and warm. Bugs' right foot started thumping despite his efforts to stay cool. He… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 65 — Bugs & Trix

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Thursday Inspiration 64 — Love’s Lake

Each time when the sun shines so As it strikes every leaf with a glow It's then that I head for our place By the willow on the shore of love's lake The wind has to blow just right Rippling water shimmers with light Where we held each other's eyes Two souls under dappled skies… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 64 — Love’s Lake

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Thursday Inspiration 63 — Still, beginning

There beside me on the roof Fur to fur gaze on the Earth Together sharing love's berth Wonder how the time has flown Purred with warmth in purple skies On Mars, marveled hows and whys We woke here to begin our tenth lives   https://youtu.be/QewCxJydjAk     Paula Light is the host of Thursday Inspiration. … Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 63 — Still, beginning

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Thursday Inspiration 61 — Impossible Paradise

When I saw Paula's picture for this week, I knew what I wanted to write about -- and it's not fiction!  A couple of weeks ago, in the mailed advertisements was the usual sheet of coupons for Burger King meals, sandwiches, bundles, breakfasts, etc. in their usual orange, brown, red inks.  Looking them over I… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 61 — Impossible Paradise

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Thursday Inspiration 60 — Cheeky Beast!

Five minutes after opening the back slider, I heard a terrible caterwauling from the kitchen. It wasn't Mlady and it wasn't Dotty. Coming around the corner, I saw Dotty puffed out like a Halloween cat. She looked almost normal size. She tip-toed forward, her eyes fixed on the beast outside of the screen. The macho… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 60 — Cheeky Beast!

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Thursday Inspiration 59 — Serena

Her mother curled in an abalone-lined clam shell the day she gave birth to her. Five miles deep, far from any trawler's net, human hook or harpoon, bubbles streamed from her mouth as her default night vision captured the fluorescent anemone waving welcome to her entry into the womb of the sea. Merfolk grow so… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 59 — Serena