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Thursday Inspiration 47 — The Games People Play

Kiki was not the gambling type, which makes it ironic that she met Will at the casino. Kiki's parents were gambling addicts. Instead of thinking of a birthday gift Kiki would like based on who she was, her parents gifted her a day at the casino with them and handed her a $100 dollar bill… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 47 — The Games People Play

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Thursday Inspiration 45 — Phantom Dusk

The name Loretta Divine was known across the globe as creator of the famous #1 men's cologne Phantom Dusk. The haunting dusky scent was from an essential oil recipe that only Loretta knew and was produced only by her. Its scarcity drove prices into the astronomical range. Each year department stores would have an annual… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 45 — Phantom Dusk

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Thursday Inspiration 44 — Love Potion #9

George, the love of my life, was a utility worker, climbing power poles 40-50 hours a week. Or at least he did until he was thrown from a 40-foot height by a power surge. Landing on the lawn, George's body smoked from the electricity that put him into a coma. It had been six months.… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 44 — Love Potion #9

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Thursday Inspiration 43 — free foxes

Rex and Velma had known each other since birth, being born in cages next to each other at the fur farm. Back then they didn't have names, only plastic tags with numbers stapled into their ears the moment they left their mothers' wombs. Farmer John had fox farming down to a science, and kindness played… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 43 — free foxes

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Thursday Inspiration 42 — take me with u

Muriel grew up being taught that staying put and letting the seasons visit was the way it was meant to be. She had never been more than twenty miles from the home she was born in, and she liked it that way. There were times the summer seemed too short and the winter seemed too… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 42 — take me with u

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Thursday Inspiration 41 — the sounds of color

He arrived to pick her up in a white sport coat with a pink carnation. She was a devil in a blue dress. His brown eyes met her hazel eyes. Fireworks bloomed in the dusky rose sunset. He took her by the elbow and led her to his pink Cadillac, opened and closed her door… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 41 — the sounds of color

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Thursday Inspiration 40 and dVerse OLN — Lead on

I dreamed you, sinews stretched beneath silky fur, leading me, jumping, lean muscles rippling, towards the jungle.     Today's poem is in shadorma form. Paula Light is the host of Thursday Inspiration.  Paula says: This week’s theme is jump and the picture is [above.]  Here is the song snippet from “Jump” recorded by the… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 40 and dVerse OLN — Lead on

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Thursday Inspiration 39 — Flower Power

I have what they call Flower Power. It starts at the tip of my ratted lavender-scented bouffant and vines down to the tips of my squeaky yellow PVC boots. As I fly over spring terrain, my shimmery green silk cape sends sparkles everywhere that makes seeds germinate when my boyfriend hero, Sol, warms things up.… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 39 — Flower Power

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Thursday Inspiration 38 — Candy-Colored Clown

In an alternate universe clowns are like sunshine -- everyone loves them. All of those fabulous colors, bulbous nose, wild hair, and big shoes. There has to be a fall guy in every circus; a star in every sky. As she spins she sings to the calliope music in her head. Twirling kaleidoscope in cracked… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 38 — Candy-Colored Clown

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Thursday Inspiration 37 — Internal Coil

Internal Coil Built by the hand of God With tender loving care Kindly puppetmistress Programmed to love and share. They say I am alive I move by inner spring When things are going well I wind up and I sing When wound up with your spite Trapped in your glittered eyes Kind puppetmistress fades Myself… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 37 — Internal Coil