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Cosmic Music

image link Cerebral Grooves, niches, Spaces; the arena for Synaptic sparking of axons and dendrites into threads Called memories. Consider: Each electric thread Twangs distinctly. Visual Aural Gustatory Somatosensational Olfactory Sixth sensual, And many other* Aspects; Yet together, The threads Build a tone, unique In time And space. Repetition in other Times and spaces Build… Continue reading Cosmic Music

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Day 8 — OctWriPoMo — Mindhive

image link   MINDHIVE Thoughts. Where’s your home? Great beehive, honey. Networks of chambers filled with honeycomb gold. Mined sometimes with great care.  Sometimes shoveled out, clumped. Drones, unconscious, crawl the comb, vibing veins that must drip on the page; words dripping this way and that. They work tirelessly to empty it. Queen, Great Mother,… Continue reading Day 8 — OctWriPoMo — Mindhive