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Home on the Range

https://youtu.be/n-3Y4rH54nk Rye was a cowboy who had followed in the footsteps of his father and his father before him. The cowboy way of life seemed to be fading for society, but not for Rye. Cattle drives had been replaced by *CAFOs, where the cows lived and died in long buildings, never being given a chance… Continue reading Home on the Range


dVerse — Smoke & Mirrors — Blinded

image link Drop dead gorgeous with or without make-up, dressed to the nines or in raggedy sweats Brilliant, curious, well-spoken, creative, initiative-guru Writer, poet, boo-boo patcher home maker through impeccable hand-made taste. A human being in every sense in touch with her higher power. By any eye and ear. “You're the sexiest thing alive!”                                                       … Continue reading dVerse — Smoke & Mirrors — Blinded

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Coloring Club Plus — 8/20/19

I watched the last half hour of the Scorcese documentary, “Living in the Material World,” last night. It was extremely tough to get through it, especially hearing Olivia talking about the attack by the maniac. Seeing Ringo cry was also tough to take. I admire Olivia and can see where George could draw strength from… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 8/20/19

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Twittering Tales #150 – 20 August 2019 — The Twilight Zone S4E6

Photo by Felipe Ribeiro at Pexels.com Rod had dreamed every detail of the lunar station and spared no expense in making it come to life. It had to look streamlined and metallic; had to be shadowy/noir for the mood. Most important the light outside had to be bright, as if it was a long way… Continue reading Twittering Tales #150 – 20 August 2019 — The Twilight Zone S4E6

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It’s Showtime! (mature audiences only)

image link You know those nights you find yourself in the middle of a dream that you can't wake up from and have no control over? I found myself in one and it is by the grace of God that my story is reaching your eyes. I was with my friends, Irma and Myra, walking… Continue reading It’s Showtime! (mature audiences only)

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dVerse — Prosery #3 — Juvie

Lying supine in the back of the ambulance, Marga smiled as she approached her region's Rejuvenation Center. Juvie, as it was affectionately called, had been the final destination for most for almost 100 years now. Rolled out on the gurney with her entourage of IV tubes and bottles, Marga caught a glimpse of sky for… Continue reading dVerse — Prosery #3 — Juvie

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Coloring Club Plus — 8/18/19

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the eighth studio album by the English rock band the Beatles. Released on May 26, 1967 in the United Kingdom and June 2, 1967 in the United States, it spent 27 weeks at number one on the UK Albums Chart and 15 weeks at number one in the… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 8/18/19

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Can you picture we?

  A velvet corduroy angel dazzles a marble steel boy's heart Candy cake morning Catting about Blue belly woman, porcelain eyes Delicious, but born sad Almost there, come at you See me blush & bleed Can you picture we, magic like?     Oracle poem.  Always fun. Artwork:  Zhou Zixi (Chinese, b. 1970). Sometimes young… Continue reading Can you picture we?

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Hiney and the Master of the Universe

image link His great Royal Hiney, Pestident of the Mulnited Spates of Mernica, had earned his title. Dressed in a sweater that could win first place in any Ugly contest and using origami wiring to keep his macaroni and cheese colored coif in place, Hiney was known for his insensitive and cruel impulsive spewings that… Continue reading Hiney and the Master of the Universe

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dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo

"Just Before Dawn" stumbling through realms of red doubting sight of morning's orange buoyed by kindness' bright yellow moments of respite in fields of green a will of iron drowning in regret's blue return again to mists of indigo a traveler, searching through indigo crystal hums with songs of red you, love, lying on wet… Continue reading dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo