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The Looking Glass

image link Clutching at scraps, Slight involuntary movements, A timbre to the voice, The positioning of an eyebrow, Morsels that may indicate Whether truth or lies. Approval or disapproval. I’ve never lied to you, And there are no bones About my opinions, Yet the eternal search Continues.   Do you know how fatiguing It is… Continue reading The Looking Glass


Renaissance — A Trip to the Fair

image link I had to take a work day trip to near Detroit yesterday.  While driving I passed through/near two big college towns, Lansing (Michigan State U) and Ann Arbor (U of Michigan), which means college radio stations.  Yes!  Somewhere along the way yesterday, while channel surfing, I heard familiar piano chords.  Despite it being… Continue reading Renaissance — A Trip to the Fair



This is one of the most in-depth, incisive philosophical ponderings I've read on the subject. I do think the author confuses monstrous with focused when it comes to artists of either gender. The difference between a focused artist and a monster is that a focused artist does not steal souls unless they are monsters. Also… Continue reading ESAD WOODY

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image link Heart crushed Went deep too fast Hyperbaric chamber Conjures a living past Cells tainted With the scent And smile of him Tears long gone Dry chambers Entombed Within the other Ghosts dangling Before blinded eyes Bones rattling On deaf ears Psyche’s burned imprint Limbic extinguishment A terminal contradiction   the daily prompt --… Continue reading Hyperbaric

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Masters of the Universe

image link image link image link Mushrooms have been magical entities forever, across individuals, timelines, and cultures.  Mushrooms elicit emotional responses from people, whether it is a love or hate relationship.  Having read that mushrooms eat radiation for breakfast before, the daily prompt prompted me to go find data to flesh out the databyte.  The… Continue reading Masters of the Universe

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The Second Third

image link Over 20 years ago, a class assignment was given to interview someone connected with my field of study.  I chose to interview a judge that had been at it for probably 40 years.  I wanted to try to get a sense of what conclusions he had drawn over his years on the bench… Continue reading The Second Third


Old Bones On The Shore

Another exquisite photograph by Ted Jennings that has inspired a haiku:

My lifesap fading

I reach out, touching you to

share our afterlives.


Two shots of bones around sunset.

Old Bones On The Shore - click to enlarge Old Bones On The Shore – click to enlarge

Old Bones On The Shore - click to enlarge Old Bones On The Shore – click to enlarge

The great thing here, you can wait 5 minutes and take another shot, it will look different.

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The Man Who Cried Wolf

image link Crawled from the womb To be hungry Wails from the crib Fell on deaf ears Untended filth and rash An unloved infant Dressed up and Brought out for family gatherings.   A boy, a smart boy, Learned the streets Learned the shops who gave treats Found metal and gears And fashioned machines A… Continue reading The Man Who Cried Wolf

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River Run Red — Midnight Oil

One of the best riffs of any song I've heard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8Fi3lIMItM From 1999's Midnight Oil's, Blue Sky Mining.  One thing I love about this band is their acute caring for Mother Gaia.  The whole CD is a work of beauty and caring for precious things. the daily prompt -- riff

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The Daily Prompt — Black — Soil and PJ

image link The first thing that comes to mind with the word Black is Eddie Vedder mournfully wailing about his lost love.  More about that later. The next thing is soil.  Connected to yesterday’s prompt, neophyte, before I knew anything about gardening, my belief was that the blacker the soil was the better it was… Continue reading The Daily Prompt — Black — Soil and PJ