Lovely Rooibos


Not sure where I first came across rooibos, but I’ve been drinking it ever since.  It’s a mild but flavorful “tea”; as it has no caffeine, it may be drunk in the evening time.  I put a bit of honey and a fair amount of milk in.  Yum.

Looking into rooibos a little further, it appears there are plenty of health benefits to what is actually an herb rather than a tea from South Africa.  It’s cheap to buy loose leaf, and it’s excellent for use in tea blends.  I’ve also used it to make kombucha with excellent results.  It comes in a green version but the more usual form is red.

Here are some links to learn more about rooibos:

From Wikipedia:

The rooibos plant is endemic to a small part of the western coast of the Western Cape province of South Africa. It grows in a symbiotic relationship with local micro-organisms and past attempts to grow it outside this area, in places as far afield as the United States, Australia and China, have all failed. Scientists speculate that climate change may threaten the future survival of the plant and the R600-million (approximately €43-million in March 2017) rooibos industry. Some claim that increasing temperatures and decreasing rainfall may result in the extinction of the plant within the next century.[14]

(“Climate change threatens rooibos”. News24, IAB South Africa. 27 February 2012)


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