The Salton Sea

salton sea

I first learned of the Salton Sea back around 2004, when I went to a showing of, Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea, at the local film festival.  I commend the two creators of the memorable documentary for doing such a good job of showing what is so special about the sea and those who live near it.

trailer for ‘plagues and pleasures on the salton sea’

Thirteen years later, I’m still interested in its existence and in how it is faring.  Please take a look at the following sites to learn more about this precious gem, which is located 99 miles inland from Los Angeles.

Wikipedia article on the Salton Sea

imdb link on the documentary

the filmmakers’ site where you can purchase the documentary

why it is important to save the salton sea

another article about the environmental significance of the salton sea

youtube video on the desperate need to save the salton sea


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  1. rickmatz says:

    California got a lot of rain earlier this year, breaking the drought. I’ve been wondering how the Salton Sea has been impacted. I would think that it was a shot in the arm for the old puddle.

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