Willie and Tillie

This is my entry in the subversive children’s story challenge by Brave and Reckless.  The format I use is what text would be on each page; there would be illustrations filling most of each page.

Outside Cover:  Willie and Tillie

Title Page:  written by Jade Li


Willie and Tilly were brother and sister.

Willie was brown, with green eyes and purple hair.  Tilly was pink, with blue eyes and orange hair.

Willie and Tilly lived in a yellow cottage in a green place by the blue water.


Willie and Tilly lived with Aunt May and Grandpa Charles.

Aunt May had green hair that touched the ground and her face was round as a pumpkin.

Grandpa Charles had wooden legs.  He wore a very tall hat and a beard of bumblebees.


Willie’s friend was a pig named Squiggle.

Willie and Squiggle loved to run up the hill, then roll down, over and over again.


Tilly’s friend was a cow named Mumu.

Tilly and Mumu loved to swim in the lake on warm sunny days.


Nearby Gardener Gabby lived with her herds of carrots and cabbage.


Nearby Farmer Phil grew rows of chickens and rabbits and bowls of fish.


Aunt May visited Farmer Phil.  She rode in a wagon pulled by two pine trees.


Farmer Phil pulled up chickens and rabbits and put them in baskets.  He poured the fish into pails of water.


Aunt May brought the baskets of chickens and rabbits and the pails of fish home.  She put the baskets in the cupboard.  She poured the fish into the bathtub.


Grandpa Charles visited Gardener Gabby.  He rode in a cart pulled by three shrubbery.


Gardener Gabby caught some carrots and cabbages and put them into cages.


Grandpa Charles brought the carrots and cabbages home.  He turned them loose in the vegetable pens.


He fed them water and sunshine.  The carrots grew very orange.  The cabbages grew very green.


Strawberries and blueberries rolled free by the cottage.


So did the wheat and the oats.


Aunt May set traps with plant food in them and caught the strawberries and blueberries and the wheat and the oats. 


The strawberries and blueberries jumped and jumped but they were not able to get out of the traps.


The wheat and the oats jumped and jumped but they were not able to get out of the traps.


Grandpa Charles made fish pancakes for breakfast.  There was oat juice to drink.


Aunt May made strawberry sandwiches for lunch.  There was rabbit juice to drink.


Later,  Aunt May chased cabbages and carrots in the pens.  She caught 2 cabbages and 4 carrots, that wiggled this way and that, crying to get away, but Aunt May held them tight. 


Grandpa Charles stood by the cutting board with a large vegetable cleaver and waited for Aunt May.


Grandpa Charles chop chop chop chopped the carrots to pieces.


Grandpa Charles chop chop chop, chop chop chopped the cabbages to pieces.


The chopped carrots and cabbages were thrown into a pot and covered with water.  Sticks of wood gave up their lives to build a fire.  The carrots and cabbages were boiled and boiled over the fire.


A dinner of Carrot Cabbage soup was served at the large table set up in the yard. 

p.27 & 28

Aunt May, Grandpa Charles, Farmer Phil, Gardener Gabby, Willie, Squiggle, Tilly, and MuMu sat at the table.

The pine trees and the shrubbery planted themselves nearby.


There were sunshine and blueberries for dessert.

Back cover





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  1. hmmm, i certainly would be happy reading this to my grandchildren 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. msjadeli says:

      thank you very much. you are very kind.


  2. for small children it’s okay

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Underlying every children’s book and fairy tale there’s a hint of twisted reality. Prevalent within this, albeit with a touch of something gentle, and not so face-on. I like it.


    1. msjadeli says:

      Your words are very kind. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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