The ‘Big Tree’ that Survived Hurricane Harvey

2 willow

Trees are my friends. I have had a love affair with trees going since I was a small child. I regularly climbed the Stanley plum tree in my back yard. Our laundry was hung on lines strung between two oaks — in both our yard and in my grandparents’ yard. There was a spindly looking pear tree also, but it had the sweetest tasting pears. For 25 years I protected 3 gigantic oaks on my property. Alas, when I moved from there a few years back, the new owners wasted no time in downing all 3 of them. Today my yards boasts 2 gigantic willows. One looks in distress and it’s as if a friend were bedridden. The included story here comes from the blog of The Treeographer.

Source: The ‘Big Tree’ that Survived Hurricane Harvey


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  1. My retired parents like going out to take photos of birds as their exercise, but I don’t have the patience to stand around and wait for them to pose just right so I generally stick to flowers, trees, and the occasional clouds. At least in America. When I’m abroad, its all about the buildings.

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  2. Love the love of your for trees. I have three things to share.

    Chinese proverbs is – If you want a shades you should have plant a tree 20 years back and second best time is now.

    Michigan University has found one tree is work 135K in its life time.
    My dad says ,” Trees are the greatest wealth One can have in their backyards”

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Interesting about U of MI study! Your dad and my dad thought the same about trees. He used to take us to a park with a rope swing, which was a wooden seat with 2 holes drilled in it for the rope to weave under. He would throw the ropes up on a good branch and somehow knot the rope so it made a swing. In that same park there was a pond with a wise old willow living at its edge. One of the willow’s branches created a bridge out over the water. I remember running over that bridge once and falling and hitting my chin. I still have the scar from it! Haven’t thought of those memories in years.


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