Musician of the Day — Steve Earle


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I first “met” Steve when I bought one of his CDs at a yard sale for 25c.  I’d never heard of him before but his name as well as the title had a twanginess to them that had me hoping it would be old school country.  The investment was a quarter.  The CD was, “Train a Comin”.

The very first song to touch my auditory nerve:

Steve Earle — Mystery Train Part II

One that haunts, also found on this CD, is Goodbye:

Steve Earle — Goodbye

Like Bob Dylan and Townes VanZandt — both of whom will have their time in the sun on this blog at some point — Steve Earle is skilled at political songs.

One, also on this CD, is Ben McCulloch:

Steve Earle — Ben McCulloch

On El Corazon, is Taneytown, a song that tears me apart every time I hear it:

Steve Earle — Taneytown

Follow the link to an excellent biography of the artist:

biography of Steve Earle

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