Manson and The Lair of Song Mountain


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Just last evening, after drinking

A special blend of tea,

Lifelike dreams visited.

Twisting Chinese folklore

To suit its needs,

Came the following:

~ ~ ~

After half a century, a great scaly Kun,

Who had been writhing in dark waters,

sprouted wings, and

transformed into Three-Headed Peng.

Despised Trinity,

It manifested abhorrent ministrations.

~ ~ ~

Thief of the White Album head preened,

lice jumping from his oily feathers

like sand jumps from the beach on a windy day.

Proud to perch free across front pages

He rotated his shaggy head almost 360

And cawed merrily at the thought of another exorcism.

~ ~ ~

Bored Beach Boy head, who set

demonic dominoes in motion,

Was ashamed to be more infamous

Than Crazy Brian.  He screeched

To be forgotten, or instead remembered

for Two Lane Blacktop.

~ ~ ~

Baby Mansonite head scanned the turf

And parroted gruesome details told

Her by the maniacs who done the deeds.

People Magazine got the Exclusive

And she got a plug for her book.

Polly want a screenplay!

~ ~ ~

Peng rose from its perch

Heaving its great wings

Lifting it ever higher into the clouds

Then, beyond the clouds,

It began a 5-mile descent, faster than the fastest arrow,

Straight into the center of Mount Song’s volcano.

~ ~ ~

Awakening with a start,

The dream and all of its details

Remained.  Funny, but later it was learned that

Every aspect of Peng, its three heads, and

its willful demise into Mount Song was true.

Snip, snap, snout, the tale’s told out.






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