Soul’s Womb

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Soul’s Womb    

A warm wet cave

Provides a snug,

Nourishing cocoon,

A shelter from the storm

It is oh so cozy

No need to fret here

Snuggled in

Hearing the reassuring thump thump thump

Of pulsing capillary-rich beltways

Saturated with hormones, giving

Calm assurance

That no harm can come here.


The rutted path leading to Soul’s Womb

Is well-defended

Word has spread far and wide

On the neuronal network

That The Womb is

Impregnable.  No sense trying to breach.

Upon approach,

Lush, fragrant flora invoke

Meditative states with one

Inhale and one exhale

Corpus totalis,

La vida harmonium,



Twixty midzillia have passed,

The Womb intact,

Ready to take on another twixty midzillia.

I, who have worn the rut to a

Shaded roofless corridor

A few midzillia ago,

Seldom go out these days

Why squirm out to awkwardness and pain

When cozed in perpetual comfort?

Is such Peace the reason The Womb exists?

Quantum ecology says this is not the case.

Like Trees sending taproot tendrils to find symbiotic fungi,

We need to travel to facilitate our successful Incubation.


Soul’s Womb will always be there

Waiting, when it is time to lick wounds

When whelms get overed

When wound up needs unraveling

It’s ok if daisies spring up on the untrodden path

You know the way there blindfolded.

Go out and do as you do or don’t

They say once you’ve crawled from the cocoon

There is no crawling back in.

They are wrong.

You and all of this, that, and the other from then

Have been woven into the walls

Of Soul’s Womb, forevermore.


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