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Ai WeiWei

Chinese artist, Ai WeiWei, has been known as a rabble rouser in China, New York, and across the planet.  Last summer, we were fortunate enough to have several of his pieces on exhibit at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids.  Since then I’ve developed an interest in his life, political history, etc. and have watched at least one documentary and read quite a bit on the guy.  His work up close is amazing and shows the mind of a genius made manifest.
Today, I read the following:

After watching the video included, the following came forth:

Ugly steel vulture
finds only the empty nest
of the giant P’eng.

They can destroy many nests, but P’eng’s infinite wingspan will not be grounded.



3 thoughts on “Ai WeiWei

  1. True! I remember walking through the long, turning hall at Meijer Gardens and thinking how beautiful the wallpaper with beautiful bouquets of flowers was. We mistakenly walked into the hall from the wrong end. It was only after we got to the beginning of the exhibit and read that each unique bouquet on the wallpaper represented one day of Ai WeiWei’s house arrest. He had a bouquet delivered each day and took a photograph of it. There is no way his government can win. Thank you for your perspective on this.

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