When I joined WP July 2017, there were no issues with me “liking” and commenting on the blogs of the individuals I follow.  This user-friendliness continued until January of 2018.  I was on break from WP from then until 2-4 weeks or so ago.  Now that I am back, writing, reading, liking, and commenting, there is a major issue that has developed.  Now, when I “like” posts, many to most don’t register if I am at the page reading.  I’ve also tried to “like” from my news feed.  The orange star lights up, but then it immediately unlights.  Likewise some comments stay but others don’t.  I’ve tried to get help from WP tech support, so far with no success.  I made sure I have the right version of firefox, that I have enabled cookies, and all of the other things on the list of suggestions from tech support.  Still no success.  It is discouraging, to say the least.  Another HUGE issue is that, even though I follow close to 100 pages, my news feed only shows 12 entries, the most recent, and the rest of the pages as I scroll down are blank.  What this means is if I want to read all of those blogs in a day, I would have to go through blog management and click on each one.  I don’t have the time to do it, which means I’m missing so much good, important writing!  Ack.
My apology are to all of you I have been unable to read.  Hopefully this will get sorted out in some near future.


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