At 60

at 60

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At 60


Every morning, for 42 years,

his coffee waits, steaming.

Every night, dinner, hot,

waiting on dining room table.

Every bedtime, she lies,

motionless, while above her

he thrusts and grunts.


42 years ago, her mother

was a living icon to how it’s done

Hours before the vows, she

gave her the advice:

Coffee every morning, ready.

Dinner every evening, hot.

Never say no to wifely duty.


55 years ago, she watched mom

and grandma serve their men.

Nights came and she served her father.


Now, her friends tell her she’s old-fashioned.

They tell her it’s a new day,

Time to serve herself, not men.

She smiles and nods.


Word of the Day Challenge — duress

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  1. Dee Kelly says:

    Heartbreaking when you realize this is some people’s reality….

    Liked by 1 person

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