K’un, the great fish


kun card cropped

Ellen Goodman interview of Ai Weiwei, including early life and going up to the present:


Exhibition now showing in L.A.:

Exhibition now showing in L.A.

9/27/18 L.A. Times article on Ai Weiwei’s exhibition now showing in L.A.

Ai Weiwei drifting – art, awareness and the refugee crisis | DW Documentary:


K’un, languidly undulating, traversing

dimensions, like smoke, inhaled

and exhaled, from netherworld

to mountaintops and back

again,deep blue journey

through lifetimes.

Feel the ripples as the

cold warmth seeps into your

marrow, a stunning hot chill that you

can’t shake. Images of backpacks, racks

of clothes, of full lifeboats never to be emptied.

Word of the Day Challenge — stunning



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