Stream of Consciousness Saturday

SoCS for 11/3/18 — Point

OK this is my first entry into Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  The prompt was to grab a book, open it to a random page, and point to a random passage.  This is the book and passage that was pointed to:

From, Anil’s Ghost, by Michael Ondaatje, paperback page 155:  “ ‘They cycled off and at the far end of the street, beyond the market buildings, they turned and disappeared. Of course the reason they did it that way was so none of us would forget it.’ “

As if we could forget the sight of 2 90 year olds on a motorcycle, stark naked. Was this an act of age rebellion or had they gone into the realm of oldtimer’s? To see the white flabby flesh ruffling in the breeze was an image I would not soon forget.

SoCS — point

8 thoughts on “SoCS for 11/3/18 — Point

  1. The image flashed in my mind and I rolled with it 🙂 I did think of making them tanned but unless they were sun worshippers it *probably* wouldn’t be so, but not knowing the ways of 90 year olds I could be very wrong!

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