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Poetry — Dancing with Danger


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The prompt word for #FOWC today is danger.  Today’s offering is a nonet and a reverse nonet.

Fear exists only because of danger.
Real? Imagined? Despots know that
creating an illusion
of a reality
that all is danger
means they can rule
through keeping

do we
break out of
the illusion?
We learn discernment.
What is dangerous? Why?
Assess from all sides to know.
No? Seek out the source and motive.
Share your newfound truth, and fear no more.

FOWC — danger

5 thoughts on “Poetry — Dancing with Danger

    1. It’s unfortunate that everything is suspect, but in this age of electronica there is access to so much more information, and we know what the Overlords like to do with it. The other day I posted and said I’d like to take a trip to Barcelona to see Gaudi’s architecture. Guess what I got an email from a travel agency for this morning? Nothing is private anymore!

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