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memory of the lake

child beach

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I tried to remember the tactility of a day at the beach as a child. 


summer at the small inland lake

soft fleece blanket

lays on the warm sand

anchored with the cooler

and our flip flops

pulling off tank tops and shorts

warm breeze tickles the

hair on our arms and legs

sun pulsing and reddening

our skin as we watch

lugging the giant truck

inner tube to the water

leaving it to tiptoe in

feeling the mucky bottom

while our calves adjust

to the ice cold water

teeth chattering as

we walk out, our imminent

goal of total immersion

arms held high and squealing

as each segment of us submerges

until finally there is nothing to do

but plug our noses and let the

chill surround us

underneath the surface

silent scream, then

jumping up, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!”

then we’re in

and can jump

and splash each other


we fight our way back

to shore, each step

against the sheer mass

of the water

we grab the inner tube

and fight over

who gets to sit on

and who will push

the rider is spun


and splashed

after awhile we trade


mom calls us to shore

time to roast weenies

on sticks over the fire

we loll on the fuzzy blanket

and eat our dogs and chips

with cold root beer

that burns as we guzzle

we watch the boats

pull water skiiers


No swimming for 30 minutes!”


we’re grounded to shore

an opportunity

to go clam hunting

pushing our feet into

the mucky iciness

until we feel the hard edges

toes straight down

then up under them

pulling fat clams

from the lake

with our hands

soon there’s a pile on the shore

they rest at the edge

until it’s time to leave

then all are hurled

one by one

back in

25 thoughts on “memory of the lake

  1. You’ve captured so much in this memory poem, Jade, I felt like I had been there with you! You’ve included so many very realistic feelings, such as the breeze tickling hair on arms and legs, the sun on skin, calves adjusting to the ice cold water and teeth chattering, that I found myself reacting too!

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    1. The critical juncture for me is when to take the total plunge under water. Living so near Lake MI (the lake in my memory verse is a small lake, linked to the big lake with a shallow channel), a person gets used to frolicking in ice cold water.

      Liked by 1 person

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