The Tale of the Owls and the Wee Folk

owl and leprechaun

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Once upon a time, in the days of mighty trees and nights of magical forests, the owls chose to live among humans. I’m here to tell the tale of how that came to be.

At one point, owls were solely the servants of the Wee Folk, transporting them to their own frolickings, especially in early spring around St. Patrick’s Day. The folk adored the devotion of the owls and made sure there were always enough mice and voles to keep their palates satisfied.

The spies of King & Queen Leprechaun learned of ongoing trysts between their son, Prince Liam, and the Faerie Princess, Fiona. Prince Liam and Princess Fiona met one sunny summer day the year prior on the shores of Lake Gallagher. It was love at first sight. The King & Queen had already chosen a beautiful bride for their son. The thought he was in love with another – and a faerie! – was unacceptable. Their spies told them that Queen Clarissa of the Owls had been picking Princess Fiona up and transporting her from another island to her trysts with Prince Liam at the wee cottage near Lake Gallagher all of these months. The Royals had no problems hatching a plan to neutralize this forbidden love.

The wee archers perched themselves in the trees near the lake. On schedule, Prince Liam rode off towards Lake Gallagher on his trusty squirrel after dinner. At the other end of the forest, Queen Clarissa was on her way to fetch the princess.

The moon was in its full glory that evening. As prince and princess approached the cottage from different directions, Queen Clarissa cleared the trees and began to prepare for her descent. A silent signal was given to the archers, who pulled back their bows. As the white golden beams of the moon struck Queen Clarissa’s shining white breast, the archers let loose their volley of arrows. Dozens of arrows penetrated The Owl Queen and she spiraled in a tailspin. The Faerie Princess Fiona was flung towards earth and had no time to prime her own wings before crashing to her imminent mortal demise.  (As you know, faeries are only immortal when they are flying.) The Owl Queen cried out with an agonizing sound that traveled throughout the magical forest. Her body was lifeless by the time it hit the ground.

Prince Liam was devastated as he witnessed it unfold. He ran to Princess Fiona and saw she’d shed a stream of tears as she lay dying, which caused him to burst out sobbing as well. She gave him a wan smile as he kissed her and then she was gone. He watched as owls alighted around their fallen queen. They too shed tears silently as they lifted her inert body to wing their ways to the Owl Sanctuary in the Trees.

Prince Liam left shortly after that and sought another Wee Kingdom in which to live out his days. He never saw his parents again. The Owl Council had a meeting. From that day forward, owls would no longer serve the Wee Folk. Instead they would serve only the dream seekers among humans.

The End

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  1. Fandango says:

    A melancholy tale.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      it was that kind of a day….

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