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deep freeze

deep cold

Tonight is dverse Open Link Night.  Today’s offerings are what’s most on my mind today — keeping the fire going.  It’s been chilly all day and the fire is on the third try.  Today’s offerings are four lanturnes, described as a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.

A short video from last night’s fire, which is in contrast to the fire of today:



that ache

in marrow’s

deepest reach, cold




and nose

hairs crackle

when sub zero





in vain when

seeking feeling;




curled in

thick cocoon

only air holes


36 thoughts on “deep freeze

  1. I detest winter here in the mountainous Pac NW. I once dreamed of strangling snowflakes. The only happy folks here are winter sports nuts and owners of car repair shops. This is a new form to me; perhaps it could appear as a prompt for us on MTB.

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    1. I thought the weather between the mountains and the ocean was pretty fair in the Pac NW? Or are you saying you live ON the mountain? Yipes. I actually love snow but hate cold but can’t seem to find a happy medium there. What is MTB?


  2. Living in southern Ontario, I have experience these poems, at various times in my life. And this November was truly time of soul testing. If I could, would move to somewhere warmer, where wind chills aren’t measured at -12 C, midday..Could accept this, if the calendar page read January or February, but not November. Sigh.

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    1. I live due west of Toronto, on the shores of Lake MI. We get a lot of cold breezes across the lake from Chicago. Lots of layers and I’ve also taken to sleeping on a heating pad. What part of Canada are you in?


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