Will Gutenberg kill WordPress as a writer’s platform? — Lucky Otters Haven

Republished with the permission and encouragement of the author.  If you haven’t gone over to the “dark side” of the new WP editor please read it as it’s important.

Almost every WordPress.com blogger has no doubt seen that irritating little blue blurb that keeps appearing at the bottom of the editing screen: “A new editor is coming to level up your layout,” followed by a “learn more” offer that you can click on if you really want to learn more. Over in the editor […]

via Will Gutenberg kill WordPress as a writer’s platform? — Lucky Otters Haven

28 thoughts on “Will Gutenberg kill WordPress as a writer’s platform? — Lucky Otters Haven

      1. They have a verse box which is perfect for poetry! Also the paragraph boxes are great too. If you’ve ever used any graphic programs like the Adobe Creative Suite, Gutenberg is a breeze. It helps you lay out your posts and move things around easily. Go for it! 🙂💕

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I tried the new editor a couple of weeks ago and it was awful. What a mess! Scares me too, that we’ll be forced to change. I don’t have the physical stamina to sit at the computer for long and need it to be as basic as possible. Hope they’ll keep the original as the default and not force the change….

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  2. I tried it a few times and it aggravated the he** out of me. I do something wrong and I can’t get whatever back. I’m going to try it again when I have more time but that is not the point. We should be able to keep what we want.

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      1. Yea I didn’t have the patience to learn it. And guess what? I use to be a graphic artist…I worked in Photoshop and Illustrator lol.
        I just want to write and get it finished. I’m going to give in and learn it but I didn’t like it…. I’m an IT Director lol

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  3. hi there , i haven’t tried it yet. i have however always wondered when they would break WordPress. i guess i’ll find out soon. lol but for now i’ll just plod along on the old editor. great article thanks for posting . kindest regards bg 🙂😎🙂

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      1. Oh, I love Chrome, but it took me a long time to adopt it. I just got Windows 10 this year, and before that had used Windows 7 since it came out, which is a long time ago.

        I’m pleased my post is getting so many comments over here too, and am following them with interest. I think it’s a hot button issue for many WP users, I know it is for me.

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