Song Lyric Sunday — Last Shift

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The theme for Song Lyric Sunday is last.

In my search for the chosen song, I ran across this one. Had never heard it before, but I absolutely LOVE Richard Thompson, as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. This is a very sad and political song. I dedicate it to Coal Miners and Their Families, across the globe, past, present and future.

Last Shift was written by Richard Thompson, from their 1997 album, Industry. On the youtube, it credits both Richard and Danny Thompson. Not sure if Danny is related or not, but I’m guessing yes.


Stow your gear and charge your lamp

Say goodbye to dark and damp

DSS will pay your stamp

Last shift, close her down


Leave your manhood, leave your pride

Back there on the mucky side

Take the cage for one more ride

Last shift, close her down


Put the business in the black

And they’ve stabbed us in the back

With old school ties and little white lies

They left our town for scrap


Golden handshake, sling our hooks

Now we’re nursemaids, now we’re cooks

Now our kids steal pension books

Last shift, close her down


Now the scrapper boys infest

And the wrecking balls caress

Like vermin round a burial ground

They catch the smell of death


Old Grimey’s lost its soul

Fifty million tons of coal

And we’re beggars on the dole

Last shift, close her down

Last shift, close her down


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  1. I am 47 year old mom Thank you so much!


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