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Florette to Incense

field of vervain

field of vervain — image link

Gina is the hostess at dverse this evening. She has asked us to consider the ordinary things in our lives that, “present themselves to make our lives a little easier and a lot happier.” An ordinary thing that has done just that for me has been incense. It makes sleep arrive swiftly, knowing it willingly gives itself to my protection, both awake and in the dreamworld.

I offer today a 3-stanza florette in honor of humble incense.


When weariness draws dreamland nigh

Going through motions, relaxed sighs

Tiny match light touches incense

Thin snaking smoke of varied scents lazily rise


Powdered sticks, olfactory joy

of roses, lilacs, sweetly coy

or heavy sage, or pink vervain

their tendrils rising just the same, heaven’s deploy


Nightly rituals, prayers said

Aroma blanket cushions bed

It asks little but gives so much

Humble protection with its touch vanquishes dread

33 thoughts on “Florette to Incense

  1. this was lovely and dreamy, your words as aromatic as the incense you write about. the form fits the mood you have created or maybe created the mood, as it wraps the words at the end of each stanza. the poem itself is enough to lullaby me to a deep peaceful sleep. thank you for writing this, a lovely tribute to the humble incense and the simple joy of good sleep. really beautiful!

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        1. if there is a long stick underneath where the incense is attached it’s bamboo “punk”. that has a noxious odor to it when it burns. check out nipponkodo.com and you’ll see the kind without bamboo


  2. Rob Kistner, I accidentally deleted your comment but wanted to thank you for the feedback. There is a key combo, when hit, that instantly deletes comments and there is no recovering them 😦


  3. Oh my Gosh! i had a Cold
    And Lost my Sense of
    Smell and Flavors For
    A Whole year and
    Even More
    Amazingly A
    Once Grinch Heart
    Grew Grew 10 times Brighter in
    Compensation for the lost Flavors..
    Life Brings
    A Greater
    Magic in
    Light out of Dark
    For those who Do Believe..
    Merry Christmas From Santa! With Poor Taste..
    Got Stuck Playing Frosty And Rudolph again too..;)

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