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Punked Dining in the Dark on Naked Man

dining in the dark

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How’s that for a riveting title?  I could write for National Enquirer, no problem.  What do you think of this as a new reality show?

Have you heard of “dining in the dark”? It is said to be a way of stimulating all of the other senses to greater heights when a person’s eyes aren’t being distracted. Sally decided to punk her friend, Julie, and invited her to go to a dining in the dark dinner with her. What she didn’t tell her is that the meal would be served on a nude man’s body and the whole thing would be recorded by infrared cameras.

OK entertainment producers, here’s the idea. You have my permission to make it a reality!

Word Challenge of the Day is stimulating .

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge is camera.



20 thoughts on “Punked Dining in the Dark on Naked Man

      1. Heh. I’m just paranoid because my mom bought me English toffee (my favorite thing in the world) when I was pregnant – from a farmer’s market actually – and I began munching away. Then I looked at the bottom of the bag & there was a maggot. I thought I would DIE! My own mother! Gahhh so traumatized lol 😂

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