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Sonnet to A Songwriter


I decided to write a sonnet to the so-often unsung heros of music, the composers, or songwriters. I tried put words to the process of creating a song, or what I would imagine the process would be like.

This is a Shakespearean sonnet in iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg. It’s basically a rewrite of the previous poem of the same name.  The original is at the bottom of this post.

Very interested in hearing feedback of any kind on it.


What name shall crown this air, borne fresh from air

Fragrant, infused by Muse with joy to be

Misted questions posed in timeless despair

Folly turned fair, bedecked whims spun, seem free


For hearts, once lead, shall rise to beat, not quitting

Witch tree on which your woes, loosened, be shooed

Which sea to dive to bring up pearls befitting

Lyrics for which the sun and moon be wooed


Plucking notes from seasoned aesthete’s garden

Union’s flavor presents begging to savor

Ears taste the song, aural intake heartens

Adored psalm tweaked, ready to sing for favor


Muse’ child, ignored, injured, withers, and dies —

or heard and liked gives lift… to hit zone and flies



Original post and poem:

Fandango’s FOWC is compose. Word of the Day Challenge is bedeck. What came to mind is writing a sonnet to the so-often unsung heros of music, the composers, or songwriters. Honoring Shakespeare in the first line, as this is a Shakespearean sonnet, I tried put words to the process of creating a song, or what I would imagine the process would be like. At the bottom of the post is a link to Rolling Stone’s The Hundred Greatest Songwriters of All Time.



What will I title thee, air pulled from air

Sprung whole from Muse’s dispersed alchemy

Nebulized questions of timeless despair

Niggling bedeckment of mood’s soiled laundry


Which skeleton will you swirl through, dear ditty

Witch tree on which your name will be tattooed

Which sea dived to bring up pearls befitting

Velvet yards, sequined bodice, and gilt shoed


Tiptoe-ing melody’s secret orchard

Seasoned discerning for curried savor

Tweaked felicity, lest aural torture

Glorious Frankenstein now seeks favor


Love’s infant abandoned, languishes, dies —

or adored, and coos, crawls, walks, runs…. then flies.




Rolling Stone’s The Hundred Greatest Songwriters of All Time

I don’t agree or disagree with the list, and of the listed, I don’t necessarily agree with the ordering. The reality is that these are 100 people out of millions of songwriters. On the list or not songwriters have my undying respect and appreciation. Here’s to YOU, songwriter.

24 thoughts on “Sonnet to A Songwriter

  1. I see that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were way higher on the list than George Harrison and that just isn’t remotely accurate. It looks like it’s a narrow group from which they have chosen so it is very limited…


  2. It’s all subjective really. I do agree with Dylan though number 1 no doubt.
    It’s hard to judge it…for me, Lennon is my favorite because of his raw honesty…Like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…how do you judge it? By sales, importance, influence?… Neil Young though deserves to be much higher to me.

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  3. Beautiful song and performance by Joni Mitchell that I’d never seen before.

    I enjoyed reading your poem too.

    Sonnet to a Songwriter: good name

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  4. Joni singing from 1971 or so and Neil from Farm
    Aid in 1995, so yah 🙂 I purposely chose an older Neil video as he was so hot when he was younger it was difficult to pay attention to the song. One thing I don’t like in the Neil video is that dude that was not supposed to be part of the act with his harmonica. Spoiled the perfection of it imo.

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  5. Thank you for the feedback. You like those marathon songs, eh? 🙂 Dylan has sung quite a few political songs. I like Masters of War and The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll for the political songs of his. Tangled Up in Blue and Hazel are my “heart” favorites though. Bjorn, do I have the rhythm right on the sonnet? I did have to add a few extra syllables in there to have it come out right.


  6. 🙂 sonnets have been a real challenge to me. practicing and polishing will be continuing for some time before they get where they need to be, I’m sure…. I appreciate you looking at them and giving your feedback very much.


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