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#WWC 7 The Gift


plain red box

The Dark Netizen’s Wacky Weekend Challenge word for week 7 is gift, with maximum length of 200 words.

Yesterday I heard the sound of the postal truck make its usual stop at my mailbox. Heading out to retrieve the delivery, I looked down to see a small red package on the step. Picking it up, I noticed that that there was no address label to me or a return address. There was no writing at all upon it.

My first instinct was curiosity, then fear. I shook the light box and heard nothing, then brought it into the house. I called the small post office in my area and asked what they knew about it. They said they would ask the carrier when she got back to the office; she called later to tell me she hadn’t stopped at my house at all today.

The box sat on the counter all that afternoon and evening. Did I really want to know what was in it? Who was playing tricks? Maybe it was something good from a person I knew who wanted me to be pleasantly surprised? I left it unopened and went to bed. All night my sleep was troubled, filled with vivid nightmares.

I went to make coffee in the morning. The package was gone.

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