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dverse poet’s pub — The Librarian

pond symmetry

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Merril is the hostess of the first dverse poet’s pub of 2019. Her prompt today:

So, today, I want you to consider time and space and what if? What if you–or someone else—or some THING else–took that less or more-traveled path? Would it make a difference? Will it make a difference? Look backward, forward, inside, and out. Then wonder, what if? Ponder it into a poem and post it for us to enjoy.


She, cozy, reposed

in the overstuffed velveteen chair,

gazes out onto frozen pond,

brandy half full, cheeks rosed.


Pond, gleaming yellow gold

in the slight melting of the sun.

She, warmed by crackling flames,

reminisces of the day things changed.


On her uncle’s lap, squirming for escape,

while bright-eyed relatives drank coffee

and played cards, joking, oblivious.

The door being kicked in caused quite a stir.


Sturdy foot soldier in blue, reading mom her rights

As the nice lady gently instructed uncle to let me go.

Afright as if dropped from a cliff and tumbling,

Yet relief so dense, like the heart of a star.


Falling into the hearts of Maman and Papan,

their home, incubator of healing,

awakened burgeoning worth of being,

Not a possession or an object.


These days her libraric realm is filled

with such beasts in fairy tales.

She tucks hers onto a shelf

And revisits every now and again.

43 thoughts on “dverse poet’s pub — The Librarian

  1. Damn those lecherous uncles–excellent poem. I liked the concept of escaping the beast, and only finding others on library shelves.

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  2. I like the way you set the scene for your what-if wondering, Jade, with the ‘overstuffed velveteen chair’, the frozen pond and brandy. The use of colour and light is mesmerising, drawing the reader into the dream with you. I find the scene on the uncle’s lap with the oblivious relatives disturbing and was glad when the door was kicked in. I cheered at the final stanza!

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  3. The clarity in this is impressive. I don’t want to say beautiful, because while the first description is, you put across the little girl’s discomfort so succinctly, and powerfully without smacking the reader in the face with it. Show don’t tell executed to perfection.

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  4. To move from sitting in a velveteen chair, cozy and sipping brandy … to sitting in a lecherous uncle’s lap, squirming…is a shocking movement for the reader to take. Would that all children be rescued from ogres like this….in reality and in the pages of library books.

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  5. Oh Jade Li, oh wow (somber wow) and I must say, damn (whispered in reflective terror)… I am sorry, but if the realities in time and space includes the wormholes of memory, this may perhaps in a sense be more than a “what if,” it may be a kicking down of the door and the needed rescue. A knocking down the house of regret and happenstance. Let us grab victory in our words and in our hearts if we cannot do so in our past. There are sadly too few millstones. Courageous write, courageous right. Thank you! The link is to an unhinged version of “Knock down the House of Regret”… it felt relevant

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  6. Just finished watching the video and looked up the lyrics. I love the way everybody gets up on stage and communes with the musicians. Lona, there is magic in the way you think and what it takes is magic to vanquish against what was so consuming back then. “Let us grab victory in our words and in our hearts if we cannot do so in our past.” THANK YOU for your solidarity and support

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