The Memory of Roma: A Netflix Original Film — 25YL

Netflix is a winner in my book when they premiered this for subscribers.  In the past it would have meant a trip to the theater to see it on the front end.  I saw “Roma” a couple of weeks ago.  It is a work of art in so many ways and deserves every award out there.  The reviewer here does a good job of laying out some of the details of why “Roma” is as exceptional as it is.

I read a review not all that long ago that seemed to resent Netflix providing the funding for Roma.  I respond that if it takes funding from Netflix to make movies like this, then I am fully in support of it, even if it means movie theaters go out of business.


We’re nothing more than a current testament to the memories we keep. For some, the painful recollections of the past have turned them into ravaged bodies and hollow souls; for others, those critical moments do not define and, instead, they propel and linger through the obvious steps of life. Roma is itself a memory that…

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