Coloring Club

January Coloring Club — 1/5/19

This one is using colored pencils.  Not as deep of color and difficult to maintain pressure on the pencils to make the color dark.







3 thoughts on “January Coloring Club — 1/5/19

  1. I love it! 🐉 I use pencils. I’ve thought about getting markers, but they’re a lot more expensive, and there’s something very Zen about the movement and sound of a pencil on paper. Plus I can erase a mistake out of a line!

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  2. Cool on the pencils. I think if these were better pencils — they are crayola, so probably have wax in them? — it might be easier. I’m a kindergarten-level colorer and will probably remain one, as I relax by not thinking while I do it. Still waiting to see one of your colorings. Pretty please?

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