25 thoughts on “January Coloring Club — 1/17/19

  1. Lol….the first thing I do to computers is disable sleep or hibernation… especially in laptops because most of the time it causes us trouble. Many times moving the mouse won’t wake them up…and sometimes you have to cold boot to get it back up.

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  2. oh my goodness. i like to put it manually to sleep when i go to bed instead of turning it off, but i don’t like it going into auto sleep mode. it was pretty far on the download but then it “failed” because i wasn’t sitting here

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  3. Look on your task bar at the bottom…beside the windows emblem on the left and you have a white box…type this in power & sleep settings
    hit enter and a box will come up and you have the option to turn the sleep off

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  4. Yes you can manually. Yes that is one feature about Windows 10 I liked. Win 7-10 have a function you can activate called “God Mode” which you can configure everything…it’s really easy to do. You should not get carried away with it but it’s nice.

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  5. that’s so funny, God Mode. Well I just hit the delete button on facebook, which feels almost sacriligious (sp?) but they are gracious enough to give 30 days for me to change my mind. no thanks, facebook. WP is way more interesting and fun! Have a good night and see you tomorrow.

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  6. It has some good things about it, like you can stay in close contact with friends and family. It can let you know of events around your town. It’s a good place to store photos. But! It’s a big illusion. Everyone is happy and smiling and bragging and perfect. Selfies are Sickness! And since King Joffrey took office things have gotten downright polarized and ugly on there. Not worth sticking around for all that mess.

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  7. People do get ugly on there. A blog puts you with people with similiar interests… facebook you are adrift more… yes there are family and friends…so I guess there are positives but I never liked it.

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