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The Friday Four #5

the friday four

Rory, aka A Guy Called Bloke, has presented his weekly Friday Four:

1] What are your strengths and of your strengths – how have they helped you throughout your life?

Ooh boy, tough question. I was raised by two individuals of extremes. Father was a delusional agoraphobic with OCD tendencies and mother was an emotional trainwreck who was often absent, but when she was present she alternated between loving and cruel. Dad was a nature lover and mother was a music lover. Both were extremely hard workers and of the working class. Stepfather was a larger than life ranter and raver that set limits we often hated. Based on that wicked brew, I am a combination of all of it. The strengths are here and there, depending on the situation. They’ve helped and harmed at different times.

2] What are your weaknesses and how have they or have they hindered your successes in anyway and what have you done to overcome them to rue your day?

See question 1.

3] What makes people believe absurd conspiracy theories or alternatively are all conspiracy theories absurd? Answer which sits best with you.

Individuals can become brainwashed by listening to enough repetitions by a person they choose to believe. If that person feeds them conspiracy theories, they will believe them, no matter how absurd. If, however, you are an independent and critical thinker who is willing to do research, you can reach your own conclusions of whether a conspiracy exists or not.

4] How important are morals in a healthy society? What are the most important morals for citizens to have?

Morals are the things sentient creatures use to grease the wheels of a civilized society. They are essential to the machine working. Codified morals are laws. The most important morals for a society and its citizens to have are those that protect the most vulnerable (very young, very old, mentally or physically infirm) and that treat all citizens with dignity and respect, regardless of financial class status. Morals are particularly essential when it comes to the physical realm in areas of wanted/unwanted touch, domestic violence, police brutality, incarcerated populations, etc.

11 thoughts on “The Friday Four #5

  1. Hey Li,

    Hope you are keeping well 🙂

    Thought provocative responses indeed. I can see that with your parenting [as in your parents] that would have really helped shape you for all sorts of things as a youngster to the elder you are now, and enabled you to cope really well with life?

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    1. Hi Rory– Yes, keeping well but trying to stay ahead of the snow and keep the hearth warm. I listened to part of your and Poddy’s podcast this afternoon but didn’t get too far into it. Is it going to be a weekly? daily? thing? As a listener, I’m hoping in future podcasts you have specific topics you are going to cover, but still have wiggle room in between for the wonderful banter between you two. As far as my parents shaping me, it was a tortuous process for a small child who grew into a willful teenager. I liken it to a swordmaker pounding molten steel on the anvil and alternating it with ice water to make a fine weapon. The steel hates it but in the end something good comes out of it.

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      1. Hi Li, yes l meant that it would have toughened you up, l am not thankful for my parents and of course l myself have made my own errs in life but their behaviour taught how l didn’t want to be, and to a certain degree toughened me up in certain areas.

        Yes, if it takes off it’ll be weekly. it’s seeing how to roll, and l am trying to combat my nerves on air even though it’s not live, l am finding my voice again.

        I used to be a people trainer and whilst l did that it was even at the time nerve wracking, but l still had a voice, well l lost that as l got older, so am l trying re-establish that. Once it’s back – Poddy and l have said it would be good if maybe people suggested topics to discuss.

        i personally don’t like talking about certain topics like religion and politics, so l will never hard core talk about those, but l will tackle almost any other topic.

        Both poddy and l would like to get the talk time slot down to around 20-30 minutes tops. But it’s currently in its infancy 🙂

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        1. Rory, you sound great in the podcast, so please don’t have doubts about that. I understand why no politics and religion, as I think people have reached a saturation point for those and there really is no “resolution” or final agreement that will ever be reached. As a blogger you know any topic can be made interesting, and if you have a base of knowledge and/or experience from which to draw you’re gold.


  2. Thanks for the confidence vote Li – seriously.:)

    I think come next week, it’s time to put a little structure into it and still keep the chatter going for us both. Poddy and l have l think a good banter between us which helps enormously, certainly helps me out a lot, but l might run a promo in the next few days and ask for suggestions of discussion.

    You are right on the button with regards religion and politics and they are not my strong suits anyway so tend to steer very clear of areas where my ‘weaknesses’ would show too clearly. But l felt better about it today and tried to come across as calmer, which l think l achieved about 70% so l am quite pleased.

    I think 45 minutes is a bit long, so shaving even 15 minutes off that with a topic could make for quite open discussion and healthy comments.

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  3. People get bored with the facts. They would like something big to happen because it is exciting…some sensational story. JFK and the Moon landing come to mind. People over think things…by the way that is a weakness of mine for your other question….Plus I veer off topic often. My mind jumps from one thing to another. I think that is an IT thing I use for troubleshooting.

    Do I think all conspiracies absurd? No… Everyone has something to hide and that would definitely include the government. Am I a big conspiracy guy? No…but it’s fun to talk about… Do I think Elvis and Jim Morrison are living on an island? No, but it sure would be cool…the truth is so boring.

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