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January Coloring Club — 1/31/19

Well, here we are at the last day of January.  I successfully colored one picture a day.  Towards the end I started adding a youtube of a song from the album I was listening to at the time of the coloring.  It is isn’t certain I will keep going beyond today with it or not.  It does make sure I’m taking down time and listening to music every day, which are both positive things.

january 31

january 31b

I was listening to, “Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach:  Painted From Memory, The New Songs of Bacharach & Costello” while coloring the pretty birds.

From wiki:

Painted from Memory is a collaboration between Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach. It was released 29 September 1998 on Mercury Records, a division of Universal Music Group. The collaboration commenced with “God Give Me Strength”, a commission for the 1996 film Grace of My Heart, directed by Allison Anders, starring Illeana Douglas, with lead vocals by Kristen Vigard. Apparently pleased with the result, the pair expanded the project to this full album, the first for Costello after an absence of two years, and for Bacharach after an absence of 21 years. Lyrics and music are co-credited to both Bacharach and Costello. In his 2015 autobiography, Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink, Costello wrote, “To have written a song like “God Give Me Strength” and simply stopped would have been ridiculous, so about a year later we began a series of writing sessions […]

I bought this CD shortly after it came out and gave it a repeat listen before putting it away until now.  It’s very Bacharachery in the soft sounds, but the lyrics are often missing the zip of the Bacharach that wrote a zillion hit songs for others.  Honestly, this song was the only one I really liked on it back then, and after listening last night, my opinion hasn’t changed.  That said, this song is very good.  There are live versions out on youtube but the audio is horrible.  This is good audio with a decent slideshow.

13 thoughts on “January Coloring Club — 1/31/19

  1. Two great songwriters. Around the time that album came out there was a Bacharach box set that came out – with the artists who covered his classics- back in the 60’s especially- he and Hal David were a writing machine!

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  2. I thought you had today off, Hans? I used to have an album of his music that I loved but alas it fell by the wayside. Never got into EC other than airplay but what got airplay is good.

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  3. Those Bacharach songs are so identifiable on the radio–yes i am off work for the day. Dione Warwick is best interpreter I think. Kind of like Glen Campbell with Jimmy Webb songs.

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  4. I thought you meant off WP today! 🙂 Yes, I adore his music. The album I had had her, Gene Pitney, Gerry Butler (?) and I think sang, “This Girl’s In Love with You” on it. So many hits! And I see he’s still going strong!

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  5. I have some coloring books, mostly patterns. I keep my hands busy with crochet.
    And I’ve got on the ‘Oldies’ via radio, or the TV Jazz station. 🙂
    Calm is good. Active is good. Peaceful is good 🙂

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  6. 🙂 indeed! I read and write to stay calm. It’s difficult for me to write with music on, but I still need to make time for music. Tending the fire is also work but very relaxing.

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  7. I haven’t put a fire up in awhile… our downstairs where the fireplace is, is below ground and a tad cooler. I’ve been staying up stairs in layers with the house set at 68F.
    It’s a bit higher than expected up to 23F it was only supposed to get up to 16F today. Brr.

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  8. My house heats with wood, but I have backup electric; however that is outrageously expensive. Now that I’m retired I can keep the fire going — as long as the wood lasts! It’s 2F here today.

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  9. We have neighbors who also heat with wood, another with pellets (sometimes anyway). We’ve made our fireplace a tad better than open, buy adding a heat exchanger, glass doors and using outside air for compunction. Most open fireplaces only warm the heart and take too much heat from the room. That might be different with wood stoves. Like some of the huge ones I have read about in Europe that not only heat the home but are also used for cooking. Unfortunately some areas have no choice and only have electric. I do miss gas cooking. Some homes in our area have a gas tank outside for the stove to use. We have not gone that route. Stay warm 🙂

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