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d’Verse — Invisible — Walking the Labyrinth


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Merril is the host for dVerse poet’s pub today. Merril says:

Write a poem in any form that references invisible or invisibility. There are lots of ways to go with this, and I’m eager to see what the dVerse community comes up with. I’ve also just thought that an erasure poem might fit this prompt—erasing words or making them invisible to make a poem visible. So that’s another option. And of course, you might want to continue writing sonnets or rubaiyat.

Drums and incense

call them in

while our feet,

step by step,

make their turns.

A crackling

in our bones

says they are near.

We approach

the center,

scalps tingling,

our spines

a racetrack.

They dance and twirl

to our heartbeats

and steal our breath

as they fill our lungs.

Low moans escape

as our bodies burn

with their fire.

They sing

in soundless,

wordless pictures

as the circuits

join us all,


one swirling


35 thoughts on “d’Verse — Invisible — Walking the Labyrinth

  1. I’ve walked it alone and walked it as a group experience, where drummers and candlelight surround it while others walk it (this was a traveling labyrinth laid out in a gymnasium) and the energy that is pulled in is incredible.

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  2. Glenn, most labyrinths aren’t lengthy and you rest in the center. If you do a web search you might be surprised to discover that there are labyrinths all over the place, probably one very near you. I found out that a church in town has one that it opens to the public every 3 months, and there is another church in a nearby town that has one behind it that is open to the public. They are a hub of energy. Believe it or not, the last time I walked one alone, Townes VanZandt spoke to me! He said only two words, “Don’t judge.”

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  3. Oh wow – walking a labyrinth with drummers playing would be fabulous. I moved away from my drumming circle and miss it a lot. Maybe I need to put it ‘out there’ and find a new one.

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  4. Finding the drum circle is the hard bit! They are few and far between. Most drummers over here in Oz do African drumming. These days I just use my medicine drum quietly in my yard. This conversation inspires me to go out with the drumand walk a labyrinth style path around my yard later today. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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  5. This was fascinating Jade. Never did an erasure poem, but if that is what this was, it hwld most cohesively and with great i,pact! I liked tge reading ecpereince! It had a tribal metaphysical essence. As for labyrinths, I will never be able to do one unless they let me in with my mobility scooter – which probably they won’t?

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  6. Rob, it is not an erasure poem, just freeform. Thank you very much for your kind words. As to your scooter they ABSOLUTELY would let you go on the labyrinth if the path was wide enough. Did you see that link I posted about the labyrinth locator? Find some near you and usually there is a contact # where you can find out how wide their labyrinth is. Where you live there are probably all kinds of them!


  7. So much energy in these short lines – love it! Am also loving the rhymes of crackling/racetrack and twirl/swirl. I’ll be in a place with a labyrinth tomorrow – I’ll have to walk it!

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