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Coloring Club Plus — 2/7/19

Feb 7

Feb 7a

I know I said before that I didn’t have a lot of movie soundtracks, but I do have a few.  Today’s musical selection while coloring is from, “Big Bad Love”, a 2001 movie with Debra Winger and Arliss Howard. There’s a mish-mash of selections on the soundtrack. The song choice is, “She Ask Me So I Told Her”, by T-Model Ford.

From wikipedia:

James Lewis Carter Ford (probably June 24, 1923– July 16, 2013) was an American blues musician, using the name T-Model Ford … he began his musical career in his early 70s… His musical style combined the rawness of Delta blues with Chicago blues and juke joint blues styles.

I don’t have the scoop on T-Model Ford, but beginning a musical career in one’s early 70s doesn’t seem quite right…

Fat Possum Records, which was T-Model’s label for awhile, doesn’t have much more info.

She Ask Me So I Told Her” is a song without a lot of lyrics, but the message is loud and clear. I don’t think there’s a person a live who hasn’t been here.

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