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22nd Century Quest to Mars

cryo tanks

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Fandango’s FOWC is optional, the Word Challenge of the Day is quest, and Paula’s 3 Things today are: stripes, lemonade, astronaut

Virgil, the astronaut, was on the first Quest Mission of 2109 – to Mars. Ever since the lunar landing in the 20th Century, matters of Earth had kept humans within the confines of its orbit and dealing with not destroying itself. Since the invention of the limitless fuel source of freeze-dried lemonade (who knew!?), it was looking more promising for humans carrying on.

Genetic experimentation had urgently continued until DNA stripes were identified and manipulated so that only every third generation was capable of reproducing. This significantly reduced human population growth.

Those fertile individuals of the third generations, known at T3s, were pulled in many directions by optional alternatives to procreating and raising a family. If they chose not to reproduce at all, there were lucrative government incentives that included a middle-class home and a middle class car for every 10 years they had no children. Another option for T3s was to give birth to the baby but sell it for outrageous sums. A third option was to go underground with the pregnancy so as to get the government perks as well as the beaucoup dollars from selling the children. T3s were at the top of the food chain.

Virgil was a T3. Only T3s could be astronauts, as when they reached their goal of Mars it would be up to them to populate the red planet. What the government didn’t know was that Virgil was gay and he had no intention on bringing another human into existence. The love of his life, Mercurio, was asleep in the cryo pod right next to his.

9 thoughts on “22nd Century Quest to Mars

  1. “freeze-dried lemonade (who knew!?)” anything like Tang? 😀
    Sci fi at its best. Made me laugh and cry at the same time.
    I grew up in ‘Greenwich Village’ (NYC) in the mid/late 1960’s…

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      1. I was unhip too… a misfit of the times. Too young to really know what was going on. But at that time in that area, was a haven of sorts for tolerance of folks of not only different hue but orientation. A family member had a restaurant where the staff was both Gay and Happy.

        Used to has gone far away… like getting a slice of pizza for a quarter or renting a bike for a buck an hour. 😉

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