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Keanu Reeves as a Sexual Being in “Siberia” (2018)

keanu with ana

image link but also links to decent review of Siberia

The following is a list of movies I’ve seen with Keanu Reeves in them:

1988 Dangerous Liaisons – as Chevalier Danceny

1989 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – as Ted (sequel in 1991)

1991 Point Break – as Johnny Utah

1992 Bram Stoker’s Dracula – as Jonathan Harker

1994 Speed – as Jack Traven

1995 Johnny Mnemonic – as Johnny Mnemonic

1997 The Devil’s Advocate – as Kevin Lomax

1999 The Matrix – as Neo (x 2 sequels both in 2003)

2005 Constantine – as John Constantine

2014 John Wick (sequel 2017) – as John Wick

2016 The Bad Batch – as The Dream

2018 Siberia – as Lucas Hill

2019 Bill & Ted and John Wick sequels in the works

Remember how hot he was as the boy toy in Dangerous Liaisons?

Remember how adorable Keanu was in Bill & Ted’s Big Adventure?

Remember him in that wet suit in Point Break?

Remember him dressed up in Old London style clothing in Dracula?

Remember how he used his wits to save all of those people on the bus in Speed?

Remember how cool he was as the guy with dangerous data in his head in Johnny Mnemonic?

Remember how he was tempted and RESISTED THE DEVIL in The Devil’s Advocate?

Remember how he was a hero in the futuristic thriller, The Matrix and its sequels?

Remember how badass he was and how many people he wasted in John Wick and its sequel?

Remember how creepy he was as the cult leader in The Bad Batch?

Most of the time Keanu Reeves is looking effin hot and into some kind of action, like in bed with Uma Thurman, time traveling with his buddy, out in the surf on his board, tending his wife and getting bitten by a vampire, saving lives on an out-of-control bus, racing from place to place to get data out of his head before it kills him, being tempted by the Devil Himself, forced to be a hero trying to save the world from the machines that have enslaved humans, being a supernatural detective trying to solve a supernatural crime, being a hitman that kills, kills, and kills some more, or being a demented cult leader running a futuristic wasteland town.

In just about every film Keanu Reeves is drop-dead gorgeous just by virtue of his looks, but the question I ask, in any of them is he a sexual being? Probably in Dangerous Liaisons, way back in 1988. He had a few obligatory sex scenes here and there in a few of the others. Siberia (2018) is different.

In Siberia he plays diamond dealer, Lucas Hill, who hobnobs with dangerous international criminals in the process. Set in Russia, Keanu is way more subdued than he was as John Wick. The plot is slow, but that is a good thing in that he can actually develop his character — beyond that of a heroic action figure – into that of a sexual being. Lucas Hill is a character that is as driven by his eroticism as he is driven by diamond dealing. Of course, being in the criminal underworld, there is going to be a need to take care of business with weapons, but in Siberia, it is secondary to the business and the eroticism.

Filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia and in Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada, Siberia not a great movie overall, but it is great in that it shows Keanu outside of his usual pretty boy, killer, action figure plastic mold.


24 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves as a Sexual Being in “Siberia” (2018)

  1. No not yet. Watched the first one over and over one month. I don’t really know what it is about that movie other than his character is compelling. He is taking out all the turds for his wife and puppy!! Loved it!🤩

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  2. They really are…I like devil movie…no I’m not evil…i just think they are interesting.
    whew…I thought you were going to beat me up..I reread what I wrote in the previous post…I thought…that could be taken the wrong way…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You like devil movies? Have you seen that new one with Nikolas Cage, Mandy? That one is off the wall scary and involves some freaky stuff. It’s a good thing I had some friends over to watch it (planned it that way) or I never would have watched it alone.

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  4. Some blogger the other day recommended that one. I want to see it. I didn’t think you liked scary stuff when I mentioned IT…
    I just asked my son and he watched it and liked it…so now I will have to.
    My favorite one is a older one called The Devil and Daniel Webster.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I don’t like the supernatural scary stuff, you’re right. You better check out that Mandy movie to see how disturbing it is so you know what your son is watching… Not sure if I saw the Daniel Webster one. Have you seen The Witches of Eastwick?

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  6. Ok fair enough….include Clowns also on the no list lol.
    Now…there have been some that bothered me….like The Exorcist…that one is almost too far for me.

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  7. Yes I like the Witches movie. The Devil and Daniel Webster is a good moral movie. Guy makes a deal with the Devil and nothing turns out right of course.

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  8. To me…it is the top of the most terrifying movie. They rereleased it in 2000 or so and I saw it in the Theater…
    Something about it makes me feel odd afterward. The most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen hands down…it Clockwork Orange.

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  9. I will never watch exorcist again, its too creepy. Mandy is creepy like that so watch out. Clockwork Orange is a surreal movie but it has a political message. I read the book last year and it has the chapter that the US censored back in it now. My kids’ minds were definitely warped by watching Clockwork Orange.

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  10. I watch A Clockwork Orange I love….but I can only watch it once ever 2-3 years. The violence is so real…not cartoonish. I will watch Mandy now. I like horror movies except the endings…99.1 percent have terrible endings. You invest so much by watching and then it happens.

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