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#MLMM Wordle #121 — Coming of Age

Wordle 209

The Wordle Challenge is to write a story with the following words.  Not easy to do!

1. Creole 2. Alcohol 3. Dredge 4. Gravitation 5. Deplorable 6. Afterthought  7- Materialize

8. Newlywed  9. Mystical  10. Groundskeeper  11. Wooden Box  12. Resplendent

debutante dress

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Isadora Gaspard was born and raised in Chalmette, Louisiana, which was more or less a suburb of New Orleans (NOLA). A Creole, her father’s decendants were from France and her mother’s were from Haiti. Isadora was a child who lived as a free-spirit for the most part. Her mother was a chef in NOLA on weekends and a laundress during the week in Chalmette. Her father was a groundskeeper for what used to be a slave plantation but was now a State Park and museum, but he also brewed the finest rum alcohol in St. Bernard Parish. As Chalmette was a small town there was little danger except for the hungry alligators.

As Isadora was approaching her 16th birthday, it was time to start thinking of what she was going to wear to the debutante ball at the end of the school year. The ball was a way to be seen in resplendent finery by the eligible young men from the parish and vice versa. By the time she graduated from high school she hoped to be engaged, and by the time she finished college, a newlywed. She still had the wedding rings her paternal grandparents had been passing down for six generations. Isadora kept them in the wooden box her father and she made together from swamp chestnut oak that had been dredged from Lake Ponchartrain.

Isadora, her best friend Mercedes, and their mothers went shopping in NOLA one afternoon for the materials for their gowns at Madame Camila’s House of Style, which was located right next to the Mystical Glamor shop. They decided to browse at the glamor shop first. As soon as they stepped through the door a deplorable-looking gentleman shoved past them and ran out of the door. The shopkeeper turned on some soothing music and the bum was soon forgotten. They found a wonderful selection of tiaras and gloves and decided to come back after they chose their fabrics. Excitement materialized for all four of them, as Madame Camila’s had exactly what they needed.

As they got back to the car, Isadora, as an afterthought, turned to look at the Mystical Glamor shop. She was shocked to see “the bum” that had shoved past them earlier peering at her out of the shop window. He had a big smile on his face; he had both palms up and was moving them upwards.

Isadora and her mother were able to lay out the fabric and pin it to the pattern that night. She went to bed but struggled to sleep. She ended up going to make a cup of St. John’s Wort Tea with honey and lemon. It did the trick. She fell into a deep sleep. In her dream she was walking through the park near the lake. She heard a voice above her, calling her name. She looked up and saw Batista, a senior she had a big crush on from her school. She smiled and felt a magnetic gravitation pulling her upward. Batista started laughing and soon they were whirling in each other’s arms in the sky.

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