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Flower Power

spring flowers

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Fandango’s FOWC is intrepid, the Word of the Day Challenge is clutch, and Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are:  bouquet, telephone, screwdriver

Leaving work one afternoon carrying a bouquet of flowers my sweetie sent me for our first month anniversary, a gentleman who had a drug-addled look in his eyes walked up and asked me if he could use my telephone. When I said I didn’t have a phone, he pulled a screwdriver out of his pocket and said, “Give me your purse,” and reached for it at the same time. Intrepidly clutching my purse with one arm, I threw the bouquet into his face, and ran. I was able to get into my car and lock the doors before he, face full of now-freezing water and a few stray daisy petals, arrived. I pushed the alarm button on the key fob and started dialing 9-1-1. He took off running across the lot. Putting the now running car into drive, I took off after him. He slipped and fell in front of my vehicle. God’s grace saved him that day as I braked. Just then the police cruiser pulled up to arrest him. After talking with the police, I texted my boyfriend and said, “Sorry, sweetie, I loved the flowers while they lasted.”

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