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Fandango’s question of the day is easier than others he’s asked.

Should tax payers have the option to explicitly say what they don’t want their tax dollars spent on?”

What do you think? What areas, if any, would you wish to exclude your tax dollars from paying for?

Fandango, I think representative government as we have is designed to make the wishes of the constituents carried out. Is that how it works now, or has it ever worked that way? Our elected – or those who cheated in elections – representatives dance to the tune of the highest bidders, so our will is not being done. Should it? YES.

With the knowledge that a vast majority of Americans have either computer, a phone, or some other internet access capacity, there is no reason why we can’t easily pick and choose what we want our tax dollars spent on. Just think of a Survey Monkey type of thing that each person fills out once a year. Thinking about it now, this should be at all levels of government. We need to be meticulous about having it be secure and untamperable though or the overlords will doctor that as well.

As to how detailed the surveys would be would be up for discussion. You could have broad categories with just a dozen questions, or you could have multi-page detailed ones. I’d be in favor of the multi-page ones.

As you suggest, yes, there would be a part on the Survey Monkey where you could exclude things you want your tax money to go for.

Things I would exclude:

(Federal Level)

Military – all military budget

The Wall


Pensions for elected reps (unless they worked 25 years or more)

Secret Service coverage for anyone not currently in office

Fancy (stock options, excessive sick/annual time) perks for Federal workers


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  1. jeremyjames says:

    Good question to ask….I think the governments should have an ongoing dialogue with citizens about where the money is spent. Never really seems to happen though does it

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    1. msjadeli says:

      No it doesn’t. I’ve seen even the tiniest governmental units, which would be committees, boards, etc, demonstrate how those who crave power will do anything to acquire and maintain it. To me it’s the ugliest aspect of human nature. Once they are *in* power, watch out. I will write a poem about being *in* power at some point…

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  2. Marleen says:

    Pensions for elected reps (unless they worked 25 years or more)

    This would save us a lot of money. Also, I think right now that people who have held office can draw several different pensions at once!

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