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Coloring Club Plus — 2/28/19

Feb 28

Feb 28a

Coming back from Grand Rapids Sunday night, I had the actual radio on, as my bluetooth is cutting out again so no pandora. I flipped it to an NPR station, where they had a bluegrass special on with a group called, “Sister Sadie”. I was impressed with what I heard and so went out onto the internet and found some information about them. It looks like they have done 2 albums so far, “Sister Sadie I” and “Sister Sadie II”.

Their website is here.

Per Lee Zimmerman at Bluegrass Today: There’s something to be said for pure, unfettered emotion, delivered with dedication and intent but sans the affectation and pretense that often seems to plague those intently aiming for attention. Happily then, Sister Sadie makes a sound spawned from the combined talent of the band’s individual members, each an accomplished musician in her own right. Although they’ve been labelled a supergroup of sorts, the five women — Dale Ann Bradley (guitar/vocals), Deanie Richardson (fiddle), Gena Britt (banjo/vocals), Tina Adair (mandolin/vocals), and Beth Lawrence (acoustic bass) — clearly left their egos at home and forged a sound so soothing and sincere, it’s evident that the chemistry must have clicked immediately at the outset.

This song, “Losing You Blues”, kicks some major butt.  Also from Bluegrass Today, Losing You Blues was written by mandolinist Tina Adair with Doug Bartlett, and showcases Tina’s powerhouse vocals. It kicks off with Deanie Richardson’s piercing fiddle, and drives along into the chorus supported by harmonies from Dale Ann Bradley on guitar and Gina Britt on banjo, anchored by rock solid bass from Beth Lawrence.

20 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 2/28/19

  1. I like Bluegrass music. I’ve played it before with a bluegrass musician I knew. I learned a lot I could incorporate into what I was doing. Tricky time signatures. I respect those musicians a lot.

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  2. Yes I have heard of them…and I met one or two at a music shop I went to. It’s a music shop owned by two women and they are really cool…I didn’t know who they were when I met a couple of them…but one of the owners mentioned it afterward. I plan to go back soon.

    A great music shop that has vintage guitars. When they found out my relatives made guitars in the 50s-70s they perked up more. They had just sold one.

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  3. I played old fashion bluegrass like You Are My Sunshine etc…but not beginning level…these guys were serious…very fast and tricky…I played bass and learned a lot from him and his friends.

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  4. Yes I am but I don’t like modern country music. I like older stuff. I don’t go to Nashville a whole lot although I work right by it. I do want to go to Jack White’s Third Man Records soon.

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  5. I love rockabilly… Yes they have that twangy guitar I like…
    The thing I don’t understand about modern country music is the way they treat their legends… in the 90s or so…Merle Haggard was opening for Clint Black?
    That would be like the Stones opening for Green Day then… I’ve heard a music executive say that “country music eat’s it’s own”… it’s a different game than rock…not that either are wonderful on the business side.

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  6. I love Jack White but most of what I’ve heard of him is The White Stripes stuff. I remember how shocked I was when I learned The White Stripes was him and one other person. Have you seen the doc It Might Get Loud? I’m heading out for GR in a minute here. Gotta go check on my fur grandbabies. Thankfully son and his wife get back on Saturday. Older son checks on them every other day and today is my day. “See” you later!

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