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Coloring Club Plus — 3/1/19

Mar 1

Mar 1a

The Singles is The Pretenders’ 1987 compilation album and features all the band’s UK single hits to that date. “Day After Day”, written by Hynde/James Honeyman-Scott and is from their 1981 album Pretenders II, which is their second studio album. In my research I discovered that Chrissie had a relationship with The Kinks’ frontman, Ray Davies and that a couple of songs on II were Kinks covers (Stop Your Sobbin’ and I Go to Sleep). I love both of those songs by the Pretenders. Now I need to hear the originals!

Way up in the sky
Over the city, over Tokyo
Silver light, summer moon
You’ll be over somebody’s winter this afternoon
While the dolphins swim in the sea
You’re going grey, my baby
Still the war is waging endlessly
Day after day, day after day

Way up in the sky
Over the city and lake Erie
You remember the flats, you were there
Out every night Mr. Moonlight

Round and round and round we go
Just like yesterday

Way up in the sky
Over the city where you sleep tonight
The light outside your window blinks
“Hotel, hotel, hotel”
Open the blind and dream in a moonbeam

When the war’s finally over
We need to go
And pick up where we left off

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17 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 3/1/19

    1. Did you know she used to date Ray Davies??? I went out to youtube and found The Kinks’ versions of Stop Your Sobbin’ and I go to Sleep. Wow what a mental shift to hear someone besides her singing those songs. I Go to Sleep is one of most emotional songs I’ve ever heard about love lost when she sings it.

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  1. The originals by The Kinks are great.. they did have a daughter together- who has to be approaching 40 now- yikes.. what is your favorite Pretenders song?

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