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Kangaroo Bandit

kangaroo bandit

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Fandango’s FOWC is reckoning, the Word of the Day Challenge is fragile, and Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are kangaroo, light bulb, taco

Nobody thought much about when the kangaroo escaped from the zoo that June. They figured animal control would hunt it down and take it back and that would be that. Then they started finding screens pushed in in the night and food missing from cupboards and even from the refrigerator. Mrs. Smith had a whole tray of tacos go missing from her refrigerator. Mr. Blue found his cupboard left open and all of the Sugar Crisp missing, but the box was still there. Mrs. Miniver’s bird feeders were raided and all the suet was stolen. The only conclusion the small town could come to was that the kangaroo, which had been donated to the zoo from a traveling circus that went out of business, had been trained to open things and was using their skill to burgle food.

A town hall meeting was called and a plan was devised for a reckoning for the sneaky burglar. Each person would make sure their kitchen doors were deadbolted, but they would leave just a screen for the window, but they rigged motion sensor light bulbs to turn on and an alarm to ring if the screen was opened.

Tuesday night the traps were ready and animal control was on the horn ready to take a call. At about 2 a.m. The screen on Mr. Blue’s window triggered the bell. Mr. Blue called animal control quickly. Mr. Blue snuck out his other door and hurriedly shut the shutters on his kitchen window.

Animal control arrived and was able to sleep dart the kangaroo, who they then lifted into the bed of their truck. Mr. Blue had texted everyone, who came out to see the nefarious bandit. They were shocked to see how small and fragile the kangaroo looked – and even more shocked to see a baby kangaroo poke its little head out of the pouch eating a Twix.

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