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Coloring Club Plus — 3/6/19

Mar 6

Mar 6a

Daddy’z Breakdown is a Grand Rapids, MI band I was lucky enough to see when I went to a little place called Tip Top Deluxe to see another band playing that night.  I bought their CD, which they were selling at the show. I went back to see them the next time they played. This group knocks it out of the park with singer, Michael Siebert, who has the essence of cool when he sings. The songs have inventive lyrics. The group sounds good together. All of the songs on this, their only CD so far, is out there on youtube. I would very much encourage you to check out the rest of the songs. I love these guys!

CD Baby says:  The Daddy’z Breakdown experience exposes you to a sonic blend of Classic Rock, Rockabilly, Country, Blues, and Americana music. This music is the answer to the Classic Rock fan looking for new artists with a fresh sound. We like to call it Boomer Rock, so if you are a Baby Boomer looking for that occasional break from talk radio, give the Daddy’z Breakdown experience a try. Some listeners have reported a positive tonal reaction while engaging in prolonged activities such as driving,working, working out, house work, yard work, and of course socializing with friends of all generations.

How Hot You Are” is the perfect bar song, as every woman on the floor is going to think the song is about her and then she’s going to ramp up her moves.

14 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 3/6/19

  1. Oh! You mentioned “GR” a while ago in another post and I wondered if that was for Grand Rapids. I was born there. Went to grade school there. My early childhood church traumas were there.

    Loved the video to the local band! It *immediately* reminded me of The Cars and Let the Good Times Roll That’s a compliment, not a criticism.

    If you like live music, I know there’s a local band called Silent Bark that has a bit of a following.

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  2. Michigan. I still hold up my hand and point to places in Michigan, as only a true Michigander does. I lived there and Holland, a bit further south on the palm before moving to Virginia, which I don’t think has an anatomical double (at least not easily accessed).

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  3. It does sound like a good bar song. I remember playing from 8pm to 3am in bars playing mostly covers. On originals, you wouldn’t say an original… I would say…” here is a rare outtake by the Beatles/Stones” and everyone would love it and fill the floor.

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  4. We played two weeks ago. It’s hard to get some of them over because of life. The singer is my cousin and he is divorced and loves to cook…so he comes down every weekend and cooks everything for us. My wife loves it lol.
    Anyway him and I will go over some things until the others can come.
    We are planning to play again soon. A lot of fun.

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